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When Do Jokes Cross the Line and Become Racial Harassment?

Making a respectful space for everyone in the workplace, regardless of skin color, gender, first language or accent is the law. Additionally, people who engage in any form of rejection of the “other” in the workplace are wasting energy and resources, so they’re hard on the bottom line. Business is business, and online access means that many businesses are currently global.

Defining What’s Funny

A good comedian understands that it’s the audience, not the jokester, who defines what’s funny. Jokes that make listeners uncomfortable by creating an “other” are inappropriate.

If you hear a joke that’s out of line and you say something, the joking should stop. If it doesn’t stop, or if the harasser simply gets moved to a different department, you may want to schedule a consultation with an employment attorney Los Angeles.

When You’re Afraid to Speak Up

The telling of off-color jokes creates a hostile work environment. Whether that humor is sexually vulgar or racially based, Los Angeles racial discrimination lawyers can provide you with guidance on getting support.

Work discrimination lawyers look at racial instances that aren’t always obvious, but exposure to demeaning comments that are meant to be funny can cause high levels of stress and take a toll on the quality of your work. If you find that you’re left out of social interactions because a jokester puts you on the outside of the conversation, you may actually need a lawyer after experiencing racism in the workplace.

Don’t Fear Retaliation, but Follow Proper Channels

If you contact racial profiling lawyers Los Angeles for guidance on your work situation, be aware that retaliation is illegal. That being said, you do have a responsibility to follow proper channels. The first step is to inform the abuser that you find their jokes or behavior offensive.

If you take this action, either in person or with the help of a supervisor, you may not need a Los Angeles workplace lawyer because the person may choose to stop. Remember that Los Angeles racial discrimination lawyers can help if the action taken by the person targeting you actually makes it impossible for you to do your job.

When Being Omitted Costs You Professionally

If a jokester has decided to target your accent, you may need our racial profiling lawyers Los Angeles. Not only will such a harasser likely be creating a hostile work environment for you, but you may find that you don’t speak up or contribute a good idea at work when you have one to avoid being a target. Racial harassment at work can cost you professionally over time. A work discrimination lawyer based on race may be the advocate you need to stop the harassment if the person making the joke is high up in your company.

Do you need a lawyer after experiencing racism in the workplace? The first communication needs to happen at ground level. Many people who think they’re just being funny honestly don’t realize how offensive they are, so education is key. However, if the situation continues or escalates, you may need an attorney.

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