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Unfortunately, racial and ethnic discrimination can come in many forms. Whether it is overt or subtle, racial discrimination in the workplace is completely unlawful. While it is prohibited, it can sometimes be difficult to detect racial discrimination, as sometimes it can be subtle. It is important to know that federal and state laws strictly prohibit racial discrimination in the workplace. If you feel like you have been improperly treated because of your race or nationality, don’t hesitate to contact an attorney today. You have a number of freedoms and rights allowed to you, and your employment status should not be negatively affected by your race.

Our team of Los Angeles race discrimination lawyers will be able to fight for your rights and get you the justice you deserve. No one deserves to be treated unfairly due to their race and we are here to help you with your case from start to finish.


Under California and federal law, racial discrimination in the workplace, based on ethnicity, race, color, or national origin is strictly prohibited. This includes discrimination involving advertisements for positions, applications, interviews, hiring, promoting, transferring, payment, and working conditions. Virtually every term or condition of employment is subject to non-discrimination.


As stated previously, racial discrimination can be overt or subtle, which can sometimes be difficult for victims to identify. Race discrimination can occur in a number of occassions, such as when a prospective applicant or employee receives unfavorable treatment due to his or her race or race-related characteristics, such as skin tone, hair texture, or facial features. Racial discrimination can be delivered within racial slurs, racist “jokes,” racial stereotypes, materials (swastikas or nooses), or even singing along to racist lyrics. 

To better identify signs of racial discrimination in the workplace, it is important to document the occurances by writing them down and keeping the documentation in a safe place so you can explain to your lawyer. Next, contact our Los Angeles racial discrimination lawyers and we will provide you with the legal guidance you need to help you through this difficult time.

At the Law Offices of Mann & Elias, our team has successfully handled a large number of racial profiling cases on behalf of our clients. We believe that all employees deserve lawful treatment in the workplace and if that isn’t the case, we are here to handle your case from start to finish. We understand that it may be a very troubling time for you; however, we want you to know that you are entitled to fair treatment and the justice that you deserve. No one deserves to be treated unfairly based on their race. Contact our team today for a free consultation.


The Racial Discrimination Act of 2010 was enacted to prohibit discrimination against employees, applicants, and job trainees because of their race. The Racial Discrimination Act also protects discrimination against nationalities, ethnic or national origin, and skin color, and therefore, has become a key piece of legislation aimed at helping to increase fairness in the workplace. Learn more in-depth information about the Racial Discrimination Act.


Maintaining racial diversity in the workplace is extremely important for employers to implement. In addition, preventing racial discrimination in the workplace is just as important. While most employers know that they should not discriminate against their employees, as they can face serious repercussions, many employers fail to educate themselves when it comes to implementing an inclusive workplace. 

Employers have obligations that they must meet. Providing an inclusive workplace is a great start at preventing racial discrimination at work. All companies should create a social change and have the best possible practices to prevent racial discrimination. Racial diversity and preventing racial discrimination at work is essental for all business.


Unfortunately, racial discrimination in the workplace is even evident during the application process. In recent studies, a disturbing trend has started to emerge regarding how employers reply to applications and resumes based on the person's name. For instance, applicants who had names that clearly distinguished them as being minorities were called for interviews far less frequently than those applicants whose names sounded Caucasian. It is important to know that this type of behavior is unlawful. If you believe you have been a victim of a discriminatory hiring process, contact our team for legal help.


An employee or applicant can make a disparate treatment claim when he/she believes they were treated differently than other employees because of race. An employer can also commit disparate treatment discrimination by discriminating on the basis of physical characteristics usually associated with a certain race (hair color, skin color, facial features, etc.).


A disparate impact lawsuit refers to a situation in which the employee claims a policy, rule, or practice of the employer has a disproportionate negative impact on members of a certain race. An example could be a minimum height requirement which screens out more Asian-American and Latino applicants than other races.


Harassment on the basis of race is also illegal under state and federal law. Racial harassment includes slurs, jokes, or other acts that create a hostile or offensive work environment for people of a particular race.


If you believe you have been discriminated against based on your race, skin color, ethnicity, or nation of origin, you have a legal right to damages. To learn more about your rights, contact a lawyer and ask for more information regarding racial discrimination in the state of California. Labor Code Section 1153 states “it is an unlawful labor practice to retaliate against an employee because he or she has filed a charge or given testimony regarding an unlawful labor practice.” This affords you the opportunity to investigate and pursue legal action without fear of retaliation from your employer.


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