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Employment Attorney in Orange County

If you are facing employment problems such as unpaid wages, wrongful termination, unsuccessful overtime claims, retaliation, sexual harassment, unlawful discrimination, and biased employment contract, it is advisable to seek reliable employment law services in Orange County to secure your rights and interests. Often, employees suffer illegal acts that usually rob thousands of dollars in the form of salaries, benefits, and bonuses. Unfortunately, when the employee tries to fight for their rights, they are usually less successful due to the complexity of the employment laws. The Law Offices of Mann & Elias providing employment law services to Orange County has all the requirements to secure the employee rights and interests. Besides, the employment law services handle the following:

Wage and hours claim

Most employers understand that some employees are not aware of their rights, and thus take advantage to withhold their benefits illegally. Some companies may choose to discriminate against some workers and fire or institute disciplinary actions for illegal or prejudicial reasons. In some instances, biased employment contracts and employment agreements discriminate or take advantage of the employees. Some of the employers increase the working hours and device ways of reducing the wage rate hence violating the employment laws. Mann & Elias understands the employers’ tricks and works to protect the rights of the employees working in Orange County.

Sexual Harassment

If a supervisor or a colleague subjects you to unwelcomed sexual advances, it is advisable to seek professional services for assistance. Sexual harassment may take different forms including a request for sexual favors and sexual oriented physical or verbal conduct. Since these advances affect your working, you should contact professionals for legal assistance. Mann & Elias is among the leading employment law service providers who offer professional support in Orange County.


It is illegal for employers to discriminate against a job applicant or an employee. Thus, you should seek employment law service when you are discriminated against due to your gender, religion, disability, age, race, sexual orientation, or nation of origin. If you face discrimination in Orange County, The Law Offices of Mann & Elias has all it takes to secure your rights.

Wrongful Termination

The Law Offices of Mann & Elias also helps clients file claims for wrongful termination of employment contracts. If you are fired against your employment agreement or for reasons that violate employment laws, the reputable employment law service in Orange County provides a lasting solution to such problems.

Although these are the most common cases, The Law Offices of Mann & Elias has years of experience handling a broad range of employment claims for people residing or working in Orange County. He seeks to introduce a new perspective to the employment law practice by looking into issues that are often overlooked. He mainly focuses on helping clients claim for unpaid wages, sexual harassment, and discrimination in the workplace. When you experience an adverse employment action, it is advisable to engage a legal professional immediately since the statute of limitations could jeopardize the case if you delay. If you reside or work in Orange County, you should contact The Law Offices of Mann & Elias as soon as possible for guidance on the best way to deal with the case. Professional advice helps you evaluate legal options and employ the most efficient one.

Commitment, dedication, honesty and zealous advocacy of employees’ rights are the pillars of our legal services. In the case of violations of employment terms in Orange County, our employment law firm will offer the necessary guidance and help you fight for your rights once you get in touch with us.

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