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Did Your Employer Fail To Deliver a Promised Severance Package?

Leaving a job under any circumstances can be scary. Unemployment rates vary from state to state. Sometimes people leave voluntarily to take a new position. In other instances, they might be let go because business is not meeting the employer’s expectations or because they are not living up to job’s requirements. In many cases, the employers have certain legal obligations they must meet. This includes what is known as severance pay. Severance pay is based on certain factors. In general, the longer someone has been at work, the more money they are entitled to under law. At the same time, as severance pay lawyers Los Angeles remind people, there can be complications when it comes to enforcing the law. An attorney for severance pay compensation Los Angeles can help sort this out for any client.

Failure to Deliver

Under law, the employer must meet their obligations. Severance agreements can be negotiated. As those who offer legal help with severance pay negotiations, our lawyers tell our clients these are also legally binding documents. If an employer signs one, that employer must agree to follow the terms of the agreement once the employee no longer works there. An employer may agree to provide the full sum and all other parts of the agreement. They might also choose to pay only part of this agreement. If this should happen, it’s a good idea to speak directly with an employment attorney Los Angeles. They can help the employee with a number of important actions.

Types of Contracts

In general, there are two types of contracts. A Los Angeles workplace lawyer reminds their clients there’s a written contract. This type of contract spells out in writing exactly what the parties are entitled to in the contract in writing. It’s a good idea to have a copy of any written contract on hand as an attorney for severance pay compensation Los Angeles states. A copy should be kept on file in a convenient place. Another type of contract is what is known as an oral contract. An oral contract is a verbal agreement between both parties that has been stated out loud rather than being put in writing. It can be difficult to prove this contract exists but it is still legal binding under law.

Your Resources

Hiring severance pay lawyers Los Angeles can help ensure that the employee gets what is coming to them legally. Legal help with severance pay negotiations can allow both parties to live up to the terms of their legal severance obligation. Even if the person only has an oral contract, there may be other indications they are entitled to a certain sum of money. For example, many companies have employee handbooks. An employee handbook may lay in out great detail exactly how many employees are entitled to have if they are let go or they choose to leave the job voluntarily. Skilled legal counsel can help an employee make sure they are given what they are owned by law.

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