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Wrongful Termination? UPS Worker Allegedly Fired Due To COVID-19 Quarantine

During much of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of many Americans. For those who were employed and then got sick, the result has sometimes been losing their job. Such was the case with Susan Ramirez, a UPS worker alleging she was fired upon taking medical leave for a quarantine ordered by her doctor. Since firings based on medical leave are illegal, it is possible she has a case of wrongful termination that may need to be litigated. If you have faced a similar situation, make an immediate call to an employment attorney Los Angeles such as an attorney with Mann Elias.

A Common Occurrence
Unfortunately, wrongful termination is all too common in many companies. In the case of Ms. Ramirez, she is not only suing for wrongful termination, but also for retaliation by her employer, the employer’s failure to pay wages in a timely manner following the firing, and other related acts. When facing this situation yourself, immediately hire Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyers.

Document Everything About Your Termination
When wrongful terminations take place, document everything regarding the details of your termination. This should include any emails or other documents given you by your employer, copies of your most recent performance reviews, and anything else that may be important. Once you have everything gathered together, let unfair firing lawyers Los Angeles trusts look over everything to determine how you should proceed.

A Spike in Lawsuits
As COVID-19 continues, there has been an increase in the number of wrongful termination lawsuits concerning such issues as workplace safety, medical leave, and other areas involved with wrongful termination. Should you be in need of an unjust termination at work, Los Angeles residents trust, then contact lawyers that handle wrongful termination in Los Angeles like Mann Elias.

Fair Employment and Housing Act
In California, employees are protected in part by the state’s Fair Employment and Housing Act. This, along with federal laws, makes it illegal to fire an employee for such reasons as medical leave or other situations. However, many employers fail to heed these laws, believing they can do whatever they wish. Rather than lose your job thanks to an employer who is acting illegally, ask for help from an employment attorney Los Angeles workers know will protect their legal rights.

Suing the Employer
To remedy these situations, there is often no other choice but to hire Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyers and sue your employer. In doing so, it is possible unfair firing lawyers Los Angeles residents use for these cases can seek compensation for lost wages, emotional suffering, and even punitive damages. To get the results you deserve, retain an unjust termination at work lawyer Los Angeles workers seek legal guidance from when facing an illegal firing.

Rather than let an employer leave you without a job and steady income for you and your family, hire lawyers that handle wrongful termination in Los Angeles from Mann Elias to get you the legal victory you deserve.

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