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For people in all walks of life, the restaurant industry offers excellent employment opportunities. It gives employees the opportunity to interact with customers, learn about service, and earn a substantial living. While the restaurant industry can sometimes be demanding and difficult, it should never be inhumane. In the state of California, restaurant workers have rights.


As a worker in California, your rights are protected and enforced by the California Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE). This division is responsible for investigating and resolving labor code violations and issues about discrimination, wages, hours, working conditions, and more. Whether documented or undocumented, you are protected by state laws. Here are a few of the rights you are promised:

  • Minimum Wage. Restaurant workers are to be paid no less than the legal minimum wage, whether measured by time, commission, piece rate, or some other method of calculation. With some minor exceptions, all wages earned are due at a minimum of twice each calendar month.
  • Rest Period. Restaurant workers are permitted a net 10-minute rest period for every four hours worked. If you do not receive a rest period, your employer is required to pay an additional hour of pay at your regular rate.
  • Meal Period. If you work more than five hours, you are entitled to a 30 minute meal period in which you shall be relieved of all work duties and obligations. If you do not receive a meal period, your employer is required to pay an additional hour of pay at your regular rate.
  • Workers’ Comp. If you are hurt or injured on the job, your employer is required to provide you with appropriate medical care.
  • Proper Tools and Supplies. You should be provided with the uniforms, supplies, and tools necessary to complete your job duties. If you are required to use your own vehicle for work responsibilities, your employer is required to reimburse all related expenses.
  • More. As a restaurant worker in California, you have dozens of other rights and freedoms, such as tips and more. For more information on your rights as an employee, contact a lawyer.


If you work in the restaurant business, tips are a very important factor in your everyday line of work. Therefore, you should be well-aware of your rights as an employee. If you are a server, bartender, or whatever the case may be, tips from satisfied customers often add up to being more than actual hourly wages paid by employers.

When it comes to calculating tips, there are certain laws in place to protect restaurant workers. All restaurant workers should be aware of the basic rules of tips to avoid any problems; however if a problem does arise with your employer regarding your owed tips, then it is important to know that you are protected by federal and state laws. In California Laws for Tipped Employees, you will find more information that will bring your clarity as a restaurant worker in California in regards to tips. Keep in mind that state laws range and not all are the same for tipped employees.


Unfortunately, many restaurant workers work harder and for less pay than many other employees in the workforce. Whether it is waitresses, cooks, or others, individuals in these positions work long hours and yet barely make ends meet. Many restaurants choose to take advantage of their workers in these situations and ignore numerous laws that have been in place for decades. Rules and regulations are violated on a daily basis in this field of work--whether it is how much workers should be paid, or the number of hours minors can work within an establishment--these are factors that should never be overlooked and violated. If you are a restaurant worker, it is important to know your rights. In Restaurant Labor Laws, we have composed a list of how you are protected.


As a restaurant worker, employees are required to put in long hours in order to provide excellent food and service. However, oftentimes restaurant workers are not treated fairly in terms of their pay, hours and working conditions. Unfortunately, because employees are usually at the mercy of their employers, they have little choice but to do whatever is asked of them and hope for the best. Believe it or not, many employers do not work in compliance with federal and state laws and as a result, commit many labor code violations. Our team has composed a list of the 10 Common Labor Code Violations Committed by Restaurant Employers, and as an employer, it is important to know that you are protected. If you have experienced any of these labor code violations, contact a Los Angeles restaurant workers rights lawyer today for a free consultation.


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