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Government pays record $114 million to anonymous whistleblower

Exposing wrongdoing at work can be lucrative. The federal government recently paid a record $114 million to a whistleblower who provided “extraordinary” assistance in an investigation. If you know about wrongdoing where you work that should be reported, an employment attorney Los Angeles could help you to secure a financial reward.

What happened?

The whistleblower tipped off the Securities and Exchange Commission, which regulates Wall Street, about serious misconduct inside his or her company. The identities of the whistleblower and the company are being kept secret. According to the SEC, the whistleblower had tried unsuccessfully to resolve the problem internally.

The reward was the highest ever given by the SEC. It more than doubled the previous record of almost $50 million, which was set in June 2020. If you work in California and your bosses have ignored your complaints about wrongdoing, whistleblower legal representation Los Angeles could help you to claim a reward of your own.

Rewarding honesty

The federal government runs several programs to encourage the reporting of financial crimes or wrongdoing by businesses. If a tip from a whistleblower helps the government to secure a financial penalty, the whistleblower may be entitled to a cut of the money recovered. A whistleblower attorney Los Angeles could help review your options in confidence if you have information to report.

Whistleblower claims

Reporting ethical violations or more serious offenses in the workplace can be difficult and stressful. No one wants to suffer retaliation from managers or to lose their job. But the law protects workers in California who feel they have no choice but to blow the whistle. It is important to consult an experienced whistleblower retaliation lawyer Los Angeles to ensure that you follow the right steps in reporting what you know.

Staying protected

Federal investigators know how difficult it can be for whistleblowers to come forward. Under a law passed by Congress following the 2008 economic crisis, the SEC is required to protect the confidentiality of a whistleblower forever. This helps whistleblowers to keep their jobs even after a financial penalty has been recovered. The SEC offers rewards to whistleblowers who can provide “original, timely, and credible” information. It offers rewards of up to 30% of penalties that it recovers. It states that it has awarded $676 million to 108 whistleblowers since 2012.

Ready to help

If you are uneasy about wrongdoing that you have witnessed where you work, you do not have to suffer alone. There are attorneys at Mann & Elias who are ready to help. A Los Angeles workplace lawyer could help put your mind at ease and explain your options. If you have tried in vain to flag wrongful conduct at work, our whistleblower attorney Los Angeles can review the situation and consider whether you have a valid whistleblower claim. Attempting to report misconduct without whistleblower legal representation Los Angeles can be difficult. Our experienced whistleblower retaliation lawyer could help protect you while ensuring that wrongdoing is exposed.

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