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Racial Diversity and Preventing Racial Discrimination at Work


Most employers know that they should not discriminate against their employees at the workplace and many also know that they may face serious criminal penalties for doing so. However, employers are often negligent when educating themselves about the importance of providing an inclusive workplace.

There are also cases where employers are deliberately negligent. If you believe that you may be suffering from discrimination, you may need a lawyer after experiencing racism in the workplace.

Understanding Racial Discrimination

Racial discrimination is any act of exclusion on a basis of race, descent, color, or national origin which is intended to impede an employee in the exercise of his or her rights to equal standing in the workplace.

If you are not sure if you have suffered an incident of racism, speak with a work discrimination lawyer based on race and ask her to look over your case. You are especially likely to have a case if you are an ethnic minority.

An ethnic minority is not necessarily an individual who is a numerical minority but is considered someone who does not have social, political, or economic dominance. If this is the case with you, speak with a Los Angeles workplace lawyer if you believe you are facing racial discrimination.

Employer Obligations

Three out of five workers have experienced some form of discrimination.

Los Angeles racial discrimination lawyers understand that employers sometimes have an implicit bias. They might have negative associations with those of a particular race that the individual unknowingly holds. If this individual has a position of authority over in the workplace, he has an obligation to make sure that the workplace is inclusive. An inclusive environment is one in which those who have been traditionally excluded are included.

For your employer to avoid creating an environment of discrimination, he should be working with a Los Angeles workplace lawyer to create policies that must then be implemented. The management must also be trained on how to implement these policies.

If you are not sure about the scope of the policies or of a particular initiative, your employer is responsible for helping you understand these policies and their limits.

Besides formal policies, an employer should use peer mediators to facilitate conversations between different parties.

Filing Requirements

Since 1966, employers have been required to file an annual Employer Information Report that includes the composition of race/ethnicity and major job categories within the company. The number of African American managers and officials is more than six times larger than when tracked originally in 1966 but is still lower than their demographic representation in the United States.

Social Change Within the Company

Employees have every right to lobby for better worker rights and strong ethnic diversity policies. Employees should also raise awareness among each other over the importance of equal access.

If you feel like your concerns regarding representation and racial justice are not being heard, you have the right to a formal process that the company should put in place. You should be able to write a complaint and your company should perform an investigation of the complaint and the potential offender.

Both you and the offender should receive a report that fully summarizes the results of the investigation. If you feel that there is no formal process in place or you are not sure what the next steps are for you to take, contact racial profiling lawyers Los Angeles.

Employment Discrimination

Black workers are twice as likely as white workers to be unemployed. Field tests have found that black applicants have an equal rate of discrimination compared with white applicants. You may find it difficult to prove that you were discriminated against when applying for a position within your company, but Los Angeles racial discrimination lawyers can help.

Filing a Complaint to the EEOC

If you believe that you are the victim of workplace discrimination due to your race, racial profiling lawyers Los Angeles might inform you that you have the right to file a complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Since 1995, there have been over 1.8 million complaints filed.

The EEOC is responsible for enforcing anti-discrimination laws. They have the power to settle a charge and if they are not able to settle it, they may file a lawsuit.

The Importance of Legal Representation

You will need a lawyer after experiencing racism in the workplace. While you may only file one workplace dispute in your life, an employer will likely encounter disputes on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.

Your employer will have access to legal representation that will be dedicated to fighting any allegations of discrimination. Employers often recognize that employees without unions are relatively powerless.

Your attorney will know the information that you will need to win. She will know how to present this information. A work discrimination lawyer based on race will know who to interview, how to obtain information necessary to win a case, and will have ways to prevent the company from using unfair tactics against you.

You may believe that you can save money on attorney fees by going into legal battle without the right backup, but legal processes are very long and time-consuming. The last thing you want is for a legal battle to be over and have nothing to show for it. You may even be forced to pay for the expenses your employer incurred as a result of you filing a lawsuit.

Reasons to Contact a Discrimination Lawyer

You may wonder if your firing or layoff was legal. You may feel that you are being mistreated based on your race. You may feel like you do not understand your rights. You may also be reaching the end of the statute of limitations and wonder if you should file a claim. All of these reasons are justifications to contact an employment attorney Los Angeles as soon as possible for a free consultation.


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