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How to Handle Discrimination and Harassment Complaints


Racism in the workplace has increasingly become a common occurrence that must not be tolerated. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), 34 percent of employees have been discriminated against because of their race.

Whether the discrimination comes in the form of racial slurs, constant racial jokes, threats, preferential treatment to others, or denial of promotion opportunities, a competent employment attorney Los Angeles is here to help.

Denial of Equal Opportunity

Every employee has a right to enjoy the safety and ambient working environment in order to focus and work productively. Although the United States is a country of immigrants, most of the employees have suffered in the workplace as a result of discrimination, some more than others. Counties such as Alabama and New Mexico have recorded the most complaints.

An employer can take actions that affect people of a particular race disproportionately. For example, members of a particular race receive less wages or salaries than their counterparts. In other situations, people are denied promotions or fired unfairly.

Racial harassment involves intimidation of a particular race, especially blacks, Latinos, and women of color. Besides intimidation, these people are always on the receiving end of racist jokes. Such mistreatment can create a hostile working environment unless you hire a work discrimination lawyer based on race.

While discrimination is quite difficult to prove, an attorney can identify a firm that has never employed or promoted people of a particular tribe. A double standard policy is prohibited by the federation of employers. If you have been treated in such a manner, you can get legal help from a Los Angeles workplace lawyer.

The key is to take note of every statement or intimidating email that has come your way. Considering that racial discrimination is targeted at a group rather than a race, you need to find out whether your co-workers have experienced the same problems. You also need to file a complaint with the management of your company as the response will speak volumes on the issue.

Obviously, you will note whether the organization is reluctant to address the problem if they ignore your complaints. The equal opportunity employment commission will undertake the necessary investigations to help you build your case. Your salary or prospects of promotion should have nothing to do with your racial background, meaning that such mistreatment must be nipped in the bud.

While workplace discrimination is illegal, it remains a huge problem in the United States. Unfortunately, without the intervention of work discrimination lawyer based on race, the culpable employers are never held accountable. While some employers have rightly referred to black employees as “monkeys”, others have expressed it in subtle ways that are difficult to detect.

The Austal Shipyard

One such a case is the Austal shipyard in Alabama where black employees complained of discrimination in the hostile working environment. In addition to slurs, jokes, and insults, racist graffiti has been etched in the washrooms. The washroom graffiti has featured Ku Klux Klan references as well as black men hanging from nooses.

With the assistance of racial profiling lawyers Los Angeles employees that have been treated unfairly can get the assistance that they require. The racial discrimination problem is deeper than you think. The goal is to make life unbearable for certain people so that they can leave the United States of America.

Minimum Wage Law

The Los Angeles racial discrimination lawyers that specialize on discrimination understand the laws that protect black people, immigrants, and women in the workplace. In some companies, black women have to stop working once they give birth while others enjoy maternity or sick leave. Fortunately, these women are protected by the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938.

Every employee in the United States should not earn less than the minimum wage. When President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the minimum wage bill in 1938, it was merely 25 cents, but has now risen to $7.25 per hour. Considering that the United States has a large number of women who head their households, this law works to their advantage.

Evidence for Discrimination

Employers should never demand that an applicant be of a certain race during the hiring process. If this is the case, it is an indication members of a certain race will either be denied the opportunity, or treated unfairly if hired. If an employer asks the job applicants to identify their race, and then proceeds to segregate the minority groups, this is likely to be sufficient evidence for discrimination.

Racial Discrimination Lawsuits

Where evidence is available, employers have been found guilty and compelled to compensate the plaintiffs handsomely. For example, the Publix Supermarkets were found guilty of discriminating black women when it comes to promotions on the job training, hostile work environment, and layoff policies. According to the Los Angeles Times, Texaco awarded six black workers who taped racist comments of their white employers. The court granted the plaintiffs $176 million. With that, if you need a lawyer after experiencing racism in the workplace, don’t hesitate to hire one.

Reverse Discrimination

Reverse discrimination refers to instances where members of a dominant group such as males, Caucasians, or whites are discriminated by a minority group. While racial discrimination laws were designed to protect the minority groups, it is unfair to think that some people are not protected by the same laws. These laws prohibit all forms of unfair treatment to people despite their background or status.

Companies are prohibited from making promotion decisions in favor of blacks despite the presence of qualified Caucasians that deserve equal opportunity. Attorneys can prevent a disparate impact or an adverse effect of a certain class that is denied equal rights as a result of an affirmative action. If you have suffered from racial profiling lawyers Los Angeles can help you to file a lawsuit against your employer.

While people have experienced gender and disability discrimination, the groups that complain of racial profiling have never fared well. With the help of racial discrimination attorneys, the people that have sought legal redress have experienced a change in working conditions, better wages, or any other form of assistance. While many of the lawsuits have fallen under the cracks as a result of difficulty to prove, the Los Angeles racial discrimination lawyers can collect data in a professional manner and identify the culpable employers.

The only way to avoid racial mistreatment in the workplace is to act now. Be sure to contact us if you need a lawyer after experiencing racism in the workplace, and one of our attorneys will represent your case.


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