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Employers’ Replies to Racial Names During Application Process


While there is no doubt minority groups have made great strides within the modern workplace, there is a solid amount of discrimination that still exists among certain employers. In many cases, this becomes evident during the application process. Whereas in years past most people had to apply for jobs in person, today’s workplace relies mostly on applications and resumes submitted online. In recent studies, a disturbing trend has started to emerge regarding how employers reply to applications and resumes based on the person’s name. In many cases, applicants who had names that clearly distinguished them as being minorities were called for interviews far less frequently than those applicants whose names sounded Caucasian. If you believe you have been discriminated against when applying for a job, contact an employment attorney Los Angeles at Mann Elias.

Racial Names at Applying for a Job

In a recent experiment, resumes featuring distinctive racial names were sent out to various employers. In many instances, even if the resumes and applications featuring minority names included impressive credentials, callbacks for interviews were as much as 50 percent less than for those resumes and applications featuring Caucasian names. Should you have experienced a similar situation during your job application process and believe discrimination may have played a factor, take your concerns to Los Angeles racial discrimination lawyers at Mann Elias.

Old Ideas Ingrained within Employers

Despite the many advances made by minorities in terms of education and job skills, many employers still discriminate based on old ideas that have been ingrained within themselves and their companies. Unfortunately for many applicants during the job search process and when involved in job interviews, it can be difficult to prove discrimination has taken place against them. Should you try to do this on your own, you will almost always fail. But by working with racial profiling lawyers Los Angeles trusts from Mann Elias, skilled attorneys can examine a company’s past hiring practices to establish a clear pattern of discrimination. In doing so, your suspicions of racial discrimination can be confirmed.

The 50 Percent Gap

In the study conducted concerning racial names, researchers found the callback gap was as wide as 50 percent, which was likened to the equivalence of an additional eight years of job experience contained within applications and resumes. Though employers may use many different tactics in an attempt to hide their discriminatory hiring practices, hiring a work discrimination lawyer based on race can make all the difference in these cases. By working with the law firm of Mann Elias, you may be able to show the employer exhibited a pattern of discrimination in terms of which applicants were called in for interviews and which applicant was subsequently offered the job for which you applied. Though these cases can be complex, they are certainly winnable. If you need a lawyer after experiencing racism in the workplace, do not hesitate to contact Mann Elias.

Invisible Barriers

During the application and interview process, many minority applicants may be facing a number of invisible barriers to getting hired. In many companies, managers are required by company policy or even state and federal law to interview a certain number of minority candidates for various positions, even if they have no intention whatsoever of offering them a job. In other situations, employers may phrase questions differently to minority and Caucasian applicants, ensuring their answers are quite different. By placing these barriers in front of various applicants, employers can make it appear as if they simply had better candidates available for the open position. If you believe an employer denied you a fair chance to compete for a job, consult with a Los Angeles workplace lawyer at Mann Elias.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

When you believe you may have been the victim of discriminatory hiring practices, one of your first steps should be to contact the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission about your concerns. Even if you ultimately pursue litigation against an employer for racial discrimination, you will need to file a formal complaint with the EEOC prior to doing so. Also, once a complaint is filed, the agency will conduct an investigation if warranted and rule for you, against you, or state not enough evidence exists to reach a decision of guilt or innocence against the employer. Yet regardless of the EEOC decision, you will still have a right to pursue litigation. To get more information about filing an EEOC complaint and filing a subsequent lawsuit, discuss your case in-depth with Los Angeles racial discrimination lawyers at Mann Elias.

Evidence is Crucial

In these situations where racial discrimination may have occurred, having substantial amounts of evidence is crucial. Since it is likely an employer has been practicing discrimination for quite some time, they have probably gotten very good at hiding whatever tricks and tactics they use. Thus, if you have been turned down for a job for which you know you were well-qualified and had better credentials than other candidates, you will need to work with racial profiling lawyers Los Angeles trusts at Mann Elias. Due to the complexities involved in these cases, attorneys will need to paint you in the best possible light while at the same time demonstrating other applicants were less-qualified for the job. If you fail to follow your attorney’s advice along the way, you will simply come off as a disgruntled individual who failed to get hired for a job. Rather than let this happen, rely on a work discrimination lawyer based on race from Mann Elias.

Though an employer will state your name had nothing whatsoever to do with whether or not you were called for an interview, don’t always assume this is the case. Sooner or later, even the most discriminatory employers will make mistakes. Rather than sit back and let yourself be denied the career opportunities for which you have worked so hard to get, schedule a consultation today with Mann Elias once you determine you need a lawyer after experiencing racism in the workplace.


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