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You Can Be Disabled and Still Be Employed

Have you heard the acronym ADA? It stands for American with Disabilities Act. This law protects qualified Americans with disabilities from being discriminated in matters relating to employment decisions. However, the issue common with disability discrimination is being certain of whether an individual is suffering from disabilities covered by the American Disabilities Act. The act covers matters pertaining to hiring, promotion, discipline, job application, and benefits. You should consult a disability discrimination lawyer or an employment attorney if you perceive any form of discrimination as a result of your disability.

There are several protections for you under the ADA as a result of your disability. There will be instances such as mental disability which you have the right to keep private. In such situation, you can decide not to disclose the condition of your mental disability. Only in a certain situation is an employer permitted to inquire about your disability status. If you are requesting for an accommodation from your employer as a result of your disability, you will be required to explicitly explain your condition. In the event that your disability poses a danger to others, you will be required to state your condition.

As an individual living with a disability, you will only be provided a workplace accommodation if you request for such. You may need to discuss with your employer the option available to you. In this scenario, the employer is at the liberty of choosing the best in terms of cost.

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