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Benefits Of A Non-Compete Agreement

In today’s business world, the competition is intense. As a result, companies are always looking for ways to make sure competitors do not obtain advantages related to products, services, or trade secrets. To do so, they rely on non-compete agreements which employees who are involved in certain aspects of the company are required to adhere to should they leave the company. If you believe this type of agreement is needed by your company, consult with a non-compete agreement lawyer Los Angeles clients trust from Mann Elias.

Protection of Privileged Information
Perhaps more than anything, a non-compete agreement protects your company’s privileged information. Thus, should an employee leave and go to work for a competitor, you can be assured your company’s information about products, services, or other areas will be off-limits. Along with this, a company will also benefit from knowing the time and money spent training the employee did not result in them taking their talents and company secrets to a competitor. If for any reason you believe an agreement has been breached, immediately speak with a non-compete agreement violation attorney Los Angeles companies trust, such as Mann Elias.

Unable to Utilize Trade Secrets
In some cases, an employee will leave a company in order to start their own business. However, if they have signed a non-compete agreement, they will be unable to use trade secrets in their own business. If for any reason you believe a former employee is now using your company’s trade secrets in their own business, do not hesitate to seek legal advice from attorneys at Mann Elias, a Los Angeles workplace lawyer clients have trusted for years with these matters.

Prevent Unfair Competition
Ever since businesses have been in existence, owners have always had to guard against the threat of unfair competition. This is especially true in today’s complex business world, which is why a non-compete agreement is so important. By having this agreement in place, it will prevent a business owner from soliciting customers from a business they just sold. Without this agreement, a business owner can sell one company and then immediately start a new company by taking business away from the new owner of their previous business. Rather than let this occur consult with Mann Elias, an employment attorney Los Angeles business owners rely on to safeguard their legal rights in these matters.

Creating a Non-Compete Agreement
While you as a business owner can create a non-compete agreement on your own, it is always best to work with an experienced Los Angeles workplace lawyer from Mann Elias. In doing so, you can ensure the agreement contains all details that are pertinent and most important to you being able to maintain trade secrets, customers and clients, and other aspects that are vital to the success of your business.

Should you need a lawyer to review a non compete agreement Los Angeles business owners turn to Mann Elias, a law firm that can be trusted to protect your rights each step of the way.

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