Wrongful Termination: You Need to Know Why You Are Being Fired - Mann Elias

Two reasons stand out for being wrongfully terminated at work; taking a protection action or being a member of a protected group. When your condition for disengagement falls into any of these categories, you need wrongful termination lawyers to help fight your claims. There is a Federal Law in place that protects you from being wrongfully terminated as a result of your race, religion, color, citizenship status, age, disability, or national origin. In the course of your employment, you cannot be fired if you are pregnant or change your gender identity. This law is also present in different forms in different states. Your employer is also acting against the law if he/shes fire you as a result of your health condition, being a carrier of a disease, political affiliation, military status, criminal history and/or being homeless. Also, your physical appearance, marital status or being a domestic violence victim does not give your employer the right to fire you. If the reason for your termination is as a result of any of the previously stated reasons, it stands for wrongful termination. When this occurs, you should immediately hire the services of our wrongful termination attorneys to help fight your case. Taking some action at your workplace and being terminated as a result is also illegal. For instance, by filing a harassment or gender discrimination claim, taking of leave as stipulated by law, reporting corporate fraud, or refusing to participate in illegal actions.

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