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6 Signs You Are Experiencing Sexual Harassment at Work


Sexual harassment in the workplace can create an uncomfortable and illegal environment for employees. When harassment is taking place, the signs may not be so obvious or noticeable. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission defines sexual harassment as “requests for sexual favors, un-welcomed sexual advances, and physical or verbal harassment of a sexual nature.” Sexual harassment can also include offensive statements about one’s sex or gender. If you believe you have been a victim of sexual harassment at work, contact a Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney today.

Sexual harassment is not a clear-cut case in most states. For the harassment to be considered unlawful, it has to be severe enough to create a hostile work environment. The courts determine that harassment is illegal when a “reasonable person” considers the behavior to be “unwelcoming.” Here are six signs that you are experiencing sexual harassment at work. If you have experienced this behavior, there are Sexual Harassment Lawyers available to answer your questions.

Unwanted sexual behavior that makes you feel uncomfortable: The first sign of workplace harassment is inappropriate physical touching. This includes touching parts of the body that would be considered inappropriate for a workplace. You may also hear lewd comments and stories of or in the tone of a sexual nature. It is not uncommon to be shown pornographic materials in the workplace. The harasser will try to get you to meet after work.

You are forced to accept the harassment: The harasser will hold a level of power over the employee. You may feel that you should go along with the sexual harassment in order to keep your job.

You cannot make it stop: You have expressed that the touching or comments are making you feel uncomfortable. If this has not made the behavior stop, you may have a case for sexual harassment. The behavior would now be considered to be leading into a hostile work environment.

You Will Be Punished For Speaking Up:

If management is turning a blind eye to complaints or labeling the victim as a “troublemaker,” this is a sign that there’s a problem in the workplace.

You Cannot Make A Complaint:

If you work in an environment where you will not be believed, that is another red flag.

You Are Punished Because Of Your Gender:

If you been demoted or passed over for a promotion because of your gender, this is another sign of sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment in the workplace can create an unhealthy environment. If you feel that you have experienced any of these signs, contact a Los Angeles Employment Lawyer today.


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