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5 Ways to Combat Age Discrimination

Speak to Our Age Discrimination Attorneys for the Workplace About Filing a Claim

Most of the fastest growing industries prefer employing younger workers. As a result, the older workers feel left out because they are unable to keep up with the career pace adopted by younger employees. Honestly, old age should never act as a barrier to work performance. There is no evidence showing that older employees are less productive than younger employees. Therefore, if you are an older employee, here are some useful tips to use to overcome ageism in the workplace.

Know Your Rights

Failure to understand your rights makes you unable to fight age discrimination. Take time and visit Los Angeles ageism discrimination attorneys and let them explain your rights to you. Once you understand your rights as an employee, you will not allow anyone to discriminate against you based on age. In some cases, younger employees believe that older employees do not understand their rights. As a result, they tend to bully them in the workplace.

Additionally, the ageism lawyers in Los Angeles will help you understand all the laws that protect employees who are older than 40 years in a workplace. An excellent Los Angeles employee rights lawyer can also give you valuable tips on how to correlate with young employees. The moment you can work as a team, you are likely to succeed.

Show That You Are Willing To Grow

People who look for new jobs at the age of 50 years old need to show their prospective employers that they are willing to hit the ground running and become as effective as any other employee. Therefore, if you are planning to apply for a new position in a new company or your current company, the employer needs to believe that you will bring in productivity and experience to the team. As age catches up with some employees, they tend to become less vibrant and low in morale. When someone who is 30 years of age is applying for the same position, they do not need to display vibrancy because it seems obvious.

Applying for a job at an old age is not a problem. However, you need to prove yourself because so many people will be expecting you to lag when it comes to career growth.

Ask For Feedback

Many older employees are afraid of performance reviews. Feedback is essential because it helps you know where you are going wrong and how to rectify it. If you are experiencing age discrimination in the workplace, do not be afraid to let your employers know about it. Never let yourself suffer in silence. The performance review can also act as a clear indication of whether there is age discrimination in the workplace. In case your performance appraisals change suddenly, you need to ensure that there is no form of discrimination. That is why you need to consult age discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles if you feel like some people in the workplace are against you because of your age. Therefore, take up feedback positively and use it to evaluate your current situation.

Always Be Willing To Learn

Due to the advancement in technology, older employees tend to be left behind. However, that should not be the case and it does not have to be that way. You should have the drive and will to learn something new every day. Once an older employee is intimidated by a younger employee, he or she is afraid to ask questions. In the end, the older employees end up being left behind and not understanding the current trends. The Los Angeles age discrimination attorneys will tell you to raise an issue if there is the need. If there is a workshop or training in the office, ensure that you attend and ask all questions so that you gain clarity. It’s not a good look if an employee misses any training and it becomes worse if an older employee skips training. Mixing work experience and proper operation of new technology puts you in a good position in the company, despite an older age.

Do What You Do Best

You will notice that older employees in an organization are good at selling ideas, influencing people, and negotiating. The older employees have experience in working in teams, and their mindset is usually results-driven. Talk to a Los Angeles labor attorney for employees and let him or her show how you can share the experience you have with the younger and upcoming professionals politely. If you get harsh with the younger employees, they dismiss you immediately. As an older employee, show the young employees how to deal with problems in the organization effectively.


Every stage in life offers new experiences. Therefore, if you are an older employee, you need to understand that you can also learn a thing or two from the young employees. Keeping an open mind helps in building solid relationships in the workplace. If you are struggling with age discrimination, follow the tips mentioned above, and you will manage to combat it.


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