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Since potentially any employment situation can be tenuous, there is always the chance things may go wrong and you find yourself fired. However, just because you were fired does not mean you did anything to deserve the firing. In fact, many employees each day lose jobs due to wrongful termination. Whether the job loss happens suddenly or after a period of time, it is important that you collect as much information as possible to bolster your case. Since this will involve numerous types of documentation, don't try to take on your employer alone. Instead, hire lawyers that handle wrongful termination in Los Angeles from the firm of Mann Elias to assist you in your efforts for justice.

Keep Track of Everything

Many times when wrongful termination situations happen in a company or organization, victims often knew well ahead of time that something was amiss. If this applies to your situation, it is always recommended by an unjust termination at work lawyer Los Angeles looks to for answers that you document everything that is done or said to you by your employer. This should include your performance reviews, reprimands if any, salary increases or decreases, promotions or demotions, and any comments made to you by management related to your performance on the job. By having this information along with the dates, times, and names of others who witnessed anything, you can expect your unfair firing lawyers Los Angeles respects to fight hard to protect your rights.

Your Personnel File

Since personnel files will contain many important documents that will be relevant to your case, make copies of anything you feel may be of importance to helping you win your lawsuit. This will be especially important if you believe management or others will tamper with your file in order to make you appear to be a disgruntled employee, which will be done in an effort to ruin your personal and professional reputations. Rather than let a vengeful employer ruin what has otherwise been a stellar career, be prepared for your legal fight by turning over your documents to your employment attorney Los Angeles trusts from the legal firm of Mann Elias.

Seek a Written Explanation

When you are fired by your employer for reasons that may not be totally clear to you, always seek a written explanation from your employer about the firing. Once you get this in your hand, see if the explanation matches what you thought and immediately turn it over to your Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyers from Mann Elias. Should your employer refuse to give you a written explanation as to why you were fired, chances are they know the firing was illegal and do not want to put anything down in writing. However, if your employer appears to be stalling, don't let them get by with this tactic. Instead, ask multiple times for the letter, and also inform them you have sought the advice of lawyers that handle wrongful termination in Los Angeles, which may prompt them to suddenly take your request more seriously.

The Service Letter

In many states, employers are required to provide employees a service letter upon being fired. Containing such information as work history, pay rates, and the reason for the firing, the service letter can become crucial in deciding whether or not you have a valid wrongful termination case. Though you may receive such a letter and find it contains statements with which you do not agree, this does not mean the employer is necessarily lying and thus would open themselves up to a defamation suit from you. To make sure you do not make any critical mistakes at this point, turn the matter over to your unfair firing lawyers Los Angeles workers know will give them the best advice on what to do next.

Writing Your Own Letter

If your employer has not provided you with any sort of written explanation as to why you were terminated, it may be to your benefit to write your own letter. Called a letter of understanding, it is a letter sent to the person who fired you asking for a clear explanation of why the firing took place. However, if you choose to pursue this option, make sure you write the letter in a professional manner, meaning it should be brief, to the point, and not include an angry tone. Once you are satisfied with what you have written, send the letter by certified mail so that you can verify it was actually received. While you may or may not get a response, the fact that you wrote the letter and made an effort with your employer can sometimes make a difference should you pursue a lawsuit later on. The more an employer fails to acknowledge you, the worse they tend to look. Therefore, always make sure you are taking the necessary steps and doing everything correctly by meeting regularly with your unjust termination at work lawyer Los Angeles fired workers now will stand by them from start to finish.

Don't Stop Seeking Answers

When you have unjustly lost your job, don't stop seeking answers as to why you were fired. Though employers will stall, threaten, intimidate, and do everything possible to depict you as a bitter person determined to get revenge, never let this stop you from getting the justice and every dollar of compensation you deserve. By immediately hiring an employment attorney Los Angeles clients will get to the truth of the matter, you can know your case is being handled by true legal professionals. Once your ex-employer is aware you have retained an attorney, they will know staying silent is no longer an option.

While there are many firings each day that are certainly deserved and justifiable, that does not mean this applies to your situation. Since you will need to discuss the details of your firing in much more detail to learn how you should proceed, schedule an appointment now with Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyers from Mann Elias.

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