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Woman Sues Employer For Firing Her After She Disabled 24/7 Monitoring App

In the digital world that we find ourselves in, it’s not uncommon for employers to have GPS-monitoring installed on phones used by employees. These apps are especially helpful for fields where transportation is in play or executives travel throughout the globe. However, this new field of technology has raised some questions regarding what’s legal and what’s not.

Unfair firing lawyers Los Angeles have recently discovered the case of Myrna Arias. She was a sales executive for Intermex, which is a money transfer service. Aria’s company-issued phone had the job management app Xora installed. This application allowed her phone to send GPS- information to her employer showing her location. This monitoring service was sending information 24/7.

According to Arias, she had no problem being monitored while on the clock. However, when she was off the clock she felt that GPS monitoring should’ve been disabled. Arias states that she was fired due to her action of uninstalling the monitoring application on her company-issued phone. Now, her Los Angeles workplace lawyer is suing her former employer, Intermex for $500,000.

Her Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyers shared information from her lawsuit that shows she spoke with her regional vice president of sales about the intrusion of privacy. After learning about the application that was required to be active on all company phones since back in April 2014, Arais went to John Stubits, the vice president, to inquire about the application.

She told him that it was an invasion of privacy when the application was monitoring her movements when she was off the clock. Stubits was said to have stated that Arias shouldn’t worry about the monitoring as she was getting paid more money than her other job at NetSpend. This sparked controversy for Arias who rebelled against the tracking by uninstalling the application on her phone.

At the time Arias was working for both Intermex and another company called NetSpend. The latter was not aware that she was dually employed. Arias is stating that she experienced an unjust termination at work lawyer Los Angeles from Intermex. Then, the president of Intermex contacted the vice president of NetSpend and tarnished her reputation. This action resulted in her being fired from NetSpend as well.

Her Los Angeles workplace lawyer is stating that Arias experienced wrongful termination from both places of employment. These termination practices have also tarnished her reputation in the industry and has made it super difficult for her to obtain a new job. With the help of her Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyers, Arias is hoping to obtain a settlement of $500,000 from Intermex for their involvement in her tarnishment.

Arias is just one of many individuals who found herself being fired unjustly. Unfair firing lawyers Los Angeles are out there to help these victims get compensation for the unjust actions that were placed against them. If you believe that you were fired unjustly, then you should contact an experienced unjust termination at work lawyer Los Angeles to fight for your rights as an employee.

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