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What Do I Do if My Boss is Underpaying Me?

When it comes to making money, we all would like the opportunity to make even more, but at your particular position, you may feel like your interviewer undersold you on the amount of work required for the job. Doing a lot of work while making a small amount is enough to burn out most employees.

If you think that your employer is underpaying you, there are a few things that you should do with the assistance of unpaid overtime lawyer Los Angeles.

Understanding Federal Minimum Wage Requirements

Any Los Angeles workplace lawyer can advise you of the federal minimum wage. This is the lowest amount of money that an employer can legally pay you for your services. While this rate can be lower for a select body of workers, such as waitresses who make tips, most have to be paid this amount. All wage and hour attorneys Los Angeles can assist you in determining whether or not your job entitles you to minimum wage earnings.

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, the minimum wage for any employee is $7.25. This restriction is set in place for all companies that engage in interstate commerce. It doesn’t matter how many employees the company has. They all are responsible for paying the minimum wage if they are classified in engaging in interstate commerce. If you need lawyer to sue an employer for unpaid wages because your employer does engage in interstate commerce, then it’s a good idea to get one sooner, rather than later.

Understanding Your State’s Minimum Wage Requirements

Any good Los Angeles workplace lawyer can reveal that the federal minimum wage is a set standard. However, a state’s minimum wage requirements can outweigh the federal requirements. The state of California has a higher minimum wage due to the higher standard of living. In 2021, California’s minimum wage is $14 for companies having over 25 employees and $13 for companies with fewer than 25 employees.

If you are not being paid this amount, it’s time to consult overtime dispute lawyers Los Angeles. Your Los Angeles workplace lawyer will ensure that your employer isn’t doing any illegal wage practices. 

How To Address Your Employer

All wage and hour attorneys Los Angeles will tell you that the first step to take is to speak with the manager directly. They may not realize that they’re paying below the minimum wage. 

For example, let’s say that both the state and federal governments set the minimum wage at $7.25 per hour. However, the local government has set their minimum wage at $8.50 per hour. The employer may be following federal and state regulations at the rate of $7.25. They may not be aware that the local government requires a more generous minimum wage amount.

In most scenarios, you can clear up the misunderstanding with your employer. However, if you do need lawyer to sue an employer for unpaid wages, you shouldn’t hesitate getting one. 

Dealing with an employer who knows that they’re paying you below legal standards and continues to do so can be mind-numbing and frustrating. Overtime dispute lawyers Los Angeles are skilled in handling this type of scenario.

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