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Wage and Overtime Dispute Cases: How Much Can I Get?

All employees are protected from fraud and retaliation under state employment laws. They are given the chance to avoid hiding the immoral and illegal actions of their employers. These include the failure to make wage payments that are fair and on time. The law helps employees as they speak out against their bosses and take their disputes to court.

Recovered Wages
A judgement helps you to recover all of your unpaid wages. The employer is ordered by the court to pay. The overtime costs are included with the wages.

In addition, receive interest on the wages that were held back. The interest rate is determined by the law. The longer that you were not paid, the more interest you earn.

If the interest is not issued, receive liquidated damages instead. These amounts are also determined by the law and issued in place of interest. In some cases, these damages are double the amount of your unpaid wages.

In California, employers are penalized for paying late or not paying at all. The penalty fees are added in addition to the wages and interest. These fees equal the amount of one month’s wages.

Legal Fees
The employer finally has to pay the plaintiff’s legal fees. You are compensated for the time and money that you spent on the case. The average case takes months to prepare for, while more difficult cases take years to build up.

Find the Right Lawyer
There are plaintiffs who win their cases, and others who do not win. Your fate largely depends on the expertise of a wage violation lawyer. You win by having enough evidence and not by being lucky. Being knowledgeable about the law and when to file a claim is also important. Only an experienced overtime dispute attorney knows the right steps to take.

Wage and hour disputes are common in all areas of employment. Employers should be taken to court and ordered to make wage and overtime payments. Receive compensation for your damages by working with a qualified overtime disputes lawyer in Los Angeles.

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