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Uber May Face Big Fines for Stonewalling on Sexual Assault Data

For the past nine months, ridesharing giant Uber has spent nearly a year resisting demands by California lawmakers to provide vital data. The information in question is regarding claims of sexual harassment and sexual assault made by customers and drivers alike. Uber seeks forgiveness instead of permission, which was challenged. However, the company now faces potentially heavy penalties for refusing to cooperate with the Public Utilities Commission on providing the requested data.

What Does the Hearing Entail?
The hearing, which follows a ruling from July 27, 2020, allows the Commission to investigate the complaints made against Uber. The point is to ensure the safety of riders, but Uber has continuously evaded answering the questions posed by the Commission and has refused to provide the data.

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What Can the Commission Do?
If Uber fails to comply with the Commission’s order to turn over the requested data, it can face certain penalties. Specifically, it could be fined as much as $100,000 per offense and get fines of a maximum of $5,000 for each offense. In addition, the Commission may even decide to either suspend or revoke the ridesharing company’s permit to operate. Another potential penalty could be an additional $7,500 per violation. Any fines Uber receives for continuously refusing to comply with the request can also be multiple for each day they refuse, according to a Commission spokeswoman.

At the end of the day, the fines could amount to tens of millions of dollars. It’s up to the judge and the Commission to determine how much Uber will be fined for each violation it commits.

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History of the Problem
The problem dates back to December 2019. Uber had revealed that it had around 6,000 reports of sexual assault over two years in the United States. The company came under intense criticism as a result. However, instead of doing the right thing, it evaded what it should have done. By December 19, a judge ruled that the company had to give more detailed information to the Commission.

Instead of complying with the order, Uber filed a motion for reconsideration and questioned why the data had to be released. The company also argued that revealing certain information, particularly that of the victims, could be harmful to them.

A month later, the judge denied the motion but ruled that some identifying information could be filed in a way to keep victims and witnesses protected. In turn, Uber asked the judge to stay parts of the previous ruling and also requested a new judge be instated to oversee the case.

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In California, Uber had received 1,243 complaints of sexual harassment or assault. This accounted for around 21 percent of those included in the safety report from December 2019, according to the motion filing.

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