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U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Settles Part Of Gender Discrimination Suit

The Women’s National Team has been in constant legal battles with the U.S Soccer Federation, and they have recently come to a proposed settlement over the issues brought up about working conditions, according to their Los Angeles workplace lawyer. However, disputes about being paid less than their male counterparts go on.

Most Los Angeles gender discrimination lawyers will notate that the agreement filed at the U.S. District Court in California is a much-needed partial win for the ladies. As part of the agreement, the recent World Cup champions will enjoy improved accommodations at hotels, travel, staffing, and venues they visit. This agreement is to put them on equal footing with the men’s national team.

Any sex discrimination attorney Los Angeles can point out circumstances where women players were faced with unequal footing to male players. For example, many of the soccer matches that the women played were on artificial surfaces. These surfaces are well-known to be more difficult, and much more painful, to play on. Compare this to the men’s team, and one will find out that the men hardly ever play on artificial fields.

Any gender discrimination lawyer for the workplace will reveal that this is a great win for the WNT. However, the war still wages on regarding equal pay. The spokesperson for the WNT has high hopes for reaching a settlement on this pay issue next. Their initial request for equal pay was rejected back in May by Federal Judge R. Gary Klausner.

Klausner referred to the difference in pay as a result of different pay structures that the WNT agreed upon with collective bargaining. He states that both the MNT and the WNT were given the same pay-to-play structure. However, the WNT bargained to let go of higher bonuses in exchange for other forms of benefits. Even with talented Los Angeles workplace lawyers, the WNT are fighting an uphill battle regarding equal pay.

What Is Gender Discrimination?

Los Angeles gender discrimination lawyers will likely be using the outcome of this case as a precedent for many more cases to follow. Gender discrimination, at its most basic level, is defined as treating a one gender unfairly compared to the other. A person is meant to be judged based on their skills and individual capabilities, not their sex.

When To Contact A Lawyer For Gender Discrimination?

You should contact a sex discrimination attorney Los Angeles at any time you feel that you have been discriminated against due to your gender. The most common instance of gender discrimination happens in the workplace. Whether it’s not receiving a promotion or not being paid equal wages, a gender discrimination lawyer for the workplace can assist you in fighting your case.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of when to contact a lawyer for gender discrimination. As the WNT continues to fight for equal wages, it reminds all of us that, unfortunately, gender discrimination is not completely ousted from our present day lives. There are still unlawful discrimination practices exhibited by modern workplaces, especially in less publicized industries than the sports industry. If you have evidence that your workplace is treating you unfairly because of your gender, contact a gender discrimination lawyer for the workplace about building your case.

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