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The Impact Workplace Gender Discrimination Has on Health

Gender discrimination has had a significant impact on employees’ mental and physical health within and outside the U.S. Last year the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received 21,398 sex discrimination charges alone.

Although it is widely unacceptable, employees still experience unfavorable treatment for their gender or sexual orientation. As you may already know, sex discrimination is defined as the mistreatment of an applicant or employee because of:

  • Gender identity
  • Transgender status
  • Sexual orientation

It is a violation of your protected rights under Title VII. The law forbids your employer from retaliating against you and getting away with discriminatory behavior. It is especially challenging for identifying and non-identifying employees because gender correlates with how someone feels. It often gets dismissed or overlooked within larger companies and organizations.

Mental Health Concerns

Employment attorneys in Los Angeles recommend that employees understand the warning signs of sex discrimination and how it could impact health. It can occur in public, within institutions, relationships, schools, especially work. When employers wrongfully treat staff or make job decisions based on gender it is considered discriminatory and should get reported immediately.

We recognize that sex and gender are a part of a larger spectrum. Harassment, offensive remarks regarding one’s identity, unwelcome sexual advances, and a disproportionate pay gap can all have a severe impact on health. In fact, it is the primary source of stress, according to Medical News Today.

Alongside stress, recent studies show identifying women experienced the following health conditions more than men:

  • Anxiety
  • Psychological trauma
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders

Affected employees may experience worsened physical health depending on the severity of workplace conditions. If the stress is so severe that it is categorized as a “serious health condition,” you might be eligible to take FMLA leave.

The employer would need to assess the following before approving your time off of work:

  • The stress debilitated you for three days
  • You required emergency medical care or an overnight stay
  • It is a chronic condition that has required treatment in the past

Any form of discrimination takes its toll on anyone who goes through it. But it should never impact your position at work, how much you get paid, and your ability to remain at the company. Reach out to our gender discrimination lawyer in LA for legal guidance if your employer engages in discriminatory acts based on how you identify.

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