The Difference Between Mass Layoffs/Furloughs & Wrongful Termination
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The Difference Between Mass Layoffs/Furloughs & Wrongful Termination


COVID-19 is one of the biggest challenges that the United States, as well as other countries, have ever faced. The number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise as does the death count. The virus has sent the economy into a tailspin. Industries have been disrupted and thousands of people have been thrown out of work as a result.

If you work in the hospitality, retail, or airline industry, you are at risk of losing your job. Even if you have worked in the industry for years, you may soon find yourself out of work as the virus continues to take its toll on American commerce.

What Employers Should Offer

COVID-19 has forced companies to innovate and improvise overnight. Some companies are able to keep core operations going with an online workforce. However, there are many companies that will be forced to send most of their workers home. If you work for a company that has laid you off, you should get yourself up to speed on its unemployment insurance policies. You should also contact an employment attorney in Los Angeles for advice.

Your company’s coverage for mass layoffs may include the following:

  1. Employment Event/Crisis coverage

Your company’s insurance policy may allow it access to money that will cover the costs associated with large, sustained, and unexpected layoffs. Such policies are often known as crisis coverage and kicks in when a company must layoff between 10-20% of its workforce. The coverage does not include salary or most other operating costs. However, it will cover the costs for legal expenses, media relations, security, and mental health professionals.

  1. Wrongful Termination

Your company’s insurance policy will also cover wrongful termination lawsuits. To avoid any such lawsuits, it is important for a company to work closely with employees to ensure there are no misunderstandings and that everyone is treated fairly and in accordance with the law.

Coronavirus Coverage

In the wake of COVID-19 and the devastation it has caused, many companies have had to adjust to claims made by employees who acquired the virus while in the workplace. For any such claim to be successful, it must be proven that the illness arose in the course of employment. If you believe that you caught COVID-19 while at your place of work, you will need to establish this causal link. An employment attorney in Los Angeles can help you do so.

Employees who work in the hospitality, transportation, and retail industries will have the strongest claims. In many parts of the country, businesses continued to operate as the virus spread and many employees were placed into contact with dozens, if not hundreds, of individuals every day. If you fall ill, your first action should be to self-isolate. You should then get tested as soon as possible. If you test positive for COVID-19, then you should submit a claim to your employer.

You should be asked to be compensated for your medical expenses and lost wages. You may be able to make additional claims for the irresponsible and reckless behaviour of your company. Many companies ignored the COVID-19 outbreak and the risks associated with it. If you caught the virus, you can claim bodily injury that alleges the following:

  • The company’s negligence in allowing you to work unprotected in a high-risk job
  • Product liability for the failure of the air systems in your workplace to properly protect you
  • Failure of your employer to warn you of known danger
  • Failure of your employer to properly plan for a pandemic

Wrongful Termination Claims If you were terminated because of your response to the COVID-19 outbreak, you should take legal action against your employer. If you or someone you know was fired for refusing to work because of COVID-19, you should contact a wrongful termination attorney Los Angeles. A wrongful termination attorney Los Angeles will help you get reinstated, if you desire, and they will help you get compensation if you were fired for any of the following reasons:

  • You refused to work in an area that has been exposed to COVID-19
  • You took medical leave to assist family members who have the illness
  • You were forced to change your hours or work from home because you contracted COVID-19 and had to self-isolate

Most companies are working with their employees to find the best resolution through this difficult time. Other companies are making cold, cruel, and erratic decisions that are not only immoral, but illegal under California law. The protection of your health and that of your family is your first obligation during this time of crisis. Your employer is obligated to help you do that. If they have decided to fire you instead, then your first step should be to contact a Los Angeles workplace lawyer.

How a Los Angeles Workplace Lawyer Can Help You Through the COVID-19 Crisis

The Governor of California has locked the state down. He ordered the closure of most venues in which large numbers of people gather. Although many workers will be furloughed over the next few weeks, you must ensure that you are not being specifically targeted because of reasonable requests you have made to protect yourself and your loved ones.

If your employer has always been transparent, honest, and fair, you may never have given a thought to your rights as an employee. But if your employer’s attitude and style of management have changed significantly since the outbreak, if they have become increasingly aggressive, mean, and unfair since the pandemic struck, then you should learn your rights. A Los Angeles workplace lawyer can provide you with the insight and guidance you need to make crucial decisions in the weeks and months ahead.

If you have been wrongfully fired, then you may want to contact a Los Angeles employment lawyer before you file a claim. If you have a just claim to make against your employer and it has been denied, then you will need to escalate your legal action against them. You will need the skill and knowledge of a Los Angeles employment lawyer to do so effectively.


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