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Do you believe you have been unfairly treated or harassed in the workplace as a result of your gender or sexual orientation? If so, you may have legal grounds for a sexual harassment lawsuit against your employer. Here is more information about what constitutes as sexual harassment at work.


Under The Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), harassment involving sex, gender, pregnancy, childbirth, or other related medical conditions is considered illegal. The FEHA defines sexual harassment as “unwanted sexual advances, or visual, verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.” Examples of sexual harassment in the workplace include:

  • A male employer offers a female employee a promotion and pay raise in exchange for sexual favors.
  • That same employer threatens the female employee after she denies his sexual advances.
  • An employee makes sexual gestures while at work.
  • A group of employees uses sexually derogatory comments, slurs, epithets, or jokes in the break room.
  • A pregnant employee is denied her request for a ten minute break needed to stay healthy.
  • An employer emails certain employees sexually explicit images, videos, or content.


All employers in California have a legal obligation to prevent sexual harassment of any form. This means taking reasonable steps to prevent discrimination, ensuring the workplace is free of harassment on an ongoing basis, distributing employee information on sexual harassment, and reporting all known incidents of sexual harassment.


According to Government Code section 12940, subdivision (k), an employer must take “all reasonable steps to prevent harassment from occurring.” Victims of sexual harassment in the workplace may be entitled to monetary damages even if there has been no denial or loss of actual pay or benefits.

Additionally, under California Labor Code section 1102.5, employees are protected from retaliation when investigating or pursuing legal action regarding sexual harassment. If you believe you have been the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. You could be owed up to $150,000 in fines or damages related to emotional distress.


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