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Plaintiff Alleges Wrongful Termination While Hospitalized For COVID-19

Wrongful Termination During the Pandemic

In the U.S.A., most employees work on what’s known as ‘at-will employment.’ Under this agreement, an employee has the right to quit working at an employer with or without notice. The employer has the right to terminate an employee in the same manner. However, exclusions apply and an employer may not terminate an employee based on discriminatory practices relating to their race, sexual orientation, region, or other protected status.

Wrongful Termination Happens Every Day

Sadly, we see people wrongfully terminated every single day. Those people need the expertise that a Los Angeles workplace lawyer provides to protect their rights at this time. If you think you have been wrongfully terminated, it benefits you greatly to speak to Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyers as quickly as possible.

Even now when the COVID-19 pandemic has created uncertainty in our world, people are being wrongfully terminated and need the expertise that a Los Angeles workplace lawyer brings their way. With tens of thousands of new COVID cases popping up in California each day, claimants all over the state say they’ve been terminated due to being infected with the virus.

People who have been wrongfully terminated are no longer taking wrongful termination in Los Angeles lightly when the world is already in a mess. They contact lawyers to ensure justice is served. So should you.

In one case, Rendon V. South Dade Chamber of Commerce, Inc. alleges that the plaintiff was hospitalized for COVID-19, during which time she was terminated from her job. The plaintiff also claims the employer violated wage and hour laws with unpaid overtime claims. The plaintiff states that she was diagnosed with multifocal pneumonia along with coronavirus. She was hospitalized for two weeks and ordered to continue to recover at home. Her family kept the employer updated on her progress, she alleges, but on March 27, 2020, was terminated while under medical care. This violates both FFCRA and EPSLA.

You Need an Unjust Termination at Work Lawyer Los Angeles

In reality, this case is one of many that demonstrates the impact of the pandemic, and we’ll only continue to see an increase in the number of victims of wrongful termination in Los Angeles. As the numbers of positive coronavirus tests increase, employers must adjust their routines and understand that hospitalization and recovery are necessary to protect the employee and other people in the workplace.

Until then, Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyers will continue fighting for justice for those dealing with unemployment on top of the pandemic. With help from Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyers, those who have been discharged from their employer for a COVID-19 related illness can receive compensation for this action. But there is a statute of limitations in place for filing this kind of lawsuit. Allow the expertise offered by an unjust termination at work lawyer Los Angeles to guide you through this difficult time.

If you think you have been wrongfully terminated, you owe it to yourself to learn how unfair firing lawyers Los Angeles can help. Unfair firing lawyers Los Angeles offer free consultations that help you learn if you were actually wrongfully terminated and the rights that you have. Since there is a statute of limitations in place, don’t hesitate to contact Mann & Elias for a consultation about your wrongful termination claim. With help from lawyers like Mann & Elias that handle wrongful termination in Los Angeles, you can get justice when it is most needed.

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