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If You're Facing Ethnicity Discrimination, Contact a Ethnicity Discrimination Lawyer for the Workplace

If you have been discriminated against by an employer based on your ethnicity or ethnic background call the Los Angeles ethnic discrimination attorneys of Mann & Elias. California employees are proud of their heritage and employers are required to honor employee differences with equal treatment. Title VII and the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of an employee’s “national origin” which includes their ancestry, culture, accent, or physical characteristics common to a certain ethnic group. National origin discrimination can also be based on an employee’s marriage to someone of a certain national origin or association with a certain ethnic group. If you believe your employer discriminated against you based on your “National origin,” the birthplace of your ancestors, or the physical, cultural, or linguistic characteristics of the national group you identify with, you may have a case for employment discrimination. There are many types of national origin discrimination that can occur in a number of ways. Any harassment based on the color of your skin is unlawful. Employer rules requiring employees to speak English at all times on the job may also amount to national origin discrimination.

Los Angeles Ethnic Discrimination Lawyers

The employment law attorneys at Mann and Elias have successfully represented numerous employees in national origin discrimination case, and have the necessary experience, skill and training to represent you in such a claim. Contact them at 323-886-9523 so that they can listen to your story and help you make the decision right for you and your unique employment situation.

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