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National Origin Discrimination Examples

National Origin Discrimination Examples
Discrimination due to national origin occurs when job applicants or actual employees are treated negatively because they are from a certain country or geographical location. It might also occur because of ethnicity, an accent or even through the mistaken belief that a person is from a different part of the world that he or she is actually from. Employers, employees or prospective employees who are from the same national origin can be found to have discriminated against someone of the same national origin. An employer might even discriminate against a person who is married to or associates with a person of a particular national origin.

You’re Protected
national origin discrimination in the workplace can negatively impact a person’s personal and professional life and goals. A Los Angeles employment lawyer from our office will work tirelessly to obtain a favorable disposition of your case. Our objective is for our clients to be compensated for the discrimination that they have suffered while we assist them in advancing their personal lives and professional careers. Our law firm works with national origin discrimination cases in the workplace. If you have been experiencing national origin discrimination, or you have been retaliated against for opposing it, you’re probably protected by state and federal laws that prohibit it. That retaliation might consist of:

  • Refusal to hire
  • A transfer with unfavorable job responsibilities
  • Verbal abuse
  • Being fired
  • Other forms of retaliation
  • Put Our Experience on Your Side

A national origin discrimination case is nothing that you want to try to represent yourself in. A Los Angeles employment discrimination lawyer is in a far better position to handle your claim than you are. The interaction between state and federal discrimination statutes and regulations is complex and confusing. Legal requirements must be strictly complied with in order to move forward with your case. Our law firm is highly experienced in litigating employment discrimination claims and compelling employers to fulfill their legal duty to treat employees fairly and equally.

If you have been the victim of national origin discrimination or have otherwise suffered retaliation for objecting to your own unlawful treatment, contact us to arrange for a free consultation and case assessment with a national discrimination lawyer from our law firm. We’re going to listen to you carefully and answer your questions too. After that, we are going to advise you on any legal options that you might be able to exercise.

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