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Mann Elias 5 Forms Of Retaliation At Work

Your work environment should be a safe place, free of harassment of all kinds. Unfortunately, some situations could arise at your job that may make you a target for unfair treatment. Whether you are a whistleblower who has brought an action against your employer or are fighting for the rights of fellow employees, you should contact our Los Angeles employment lawyer if you are the victim of retaliation.

Workplace retaliation can come in many forms: verbal, exclusionary, or demotions. Sometimes the abuser is your manager or co-worker. If you are experiencing any of the following retaliatory treatment, then it’s time to consult with a retaliation lawyer in Los Angeles:

• Your manager conveniently forgets to invite you to meetings, or you stop getting essential emails. You are no longer asked to work on special projects, to train new employees, or to attend work-related social functions. This subtle form of retaliation is common and may be an attempt to make you quit your job.

• You are made a pariah by your boss, and now your co-workers won’t talk to you. Exclusionary tactics are another way that someone in power can try to hurt you by getting others to ignore you. If you are the victim of this kind of harassment, contact a Los Angeles retaliation lawyer for a consultation.

• A fellow employee is verbally abusing you, and your supervisor won’t do anything to stop it. You’ll need a lawyer to fight for your rights. It may even be your boss who is demeaning you and saying inappropriate things. Your company must stop verbal harassment and provide a safe environment.

• If you are denied a new position, promotion, demoted or fired after filing a complaint or standing up for fair treatment in the workplace, call a Los Angeles employment lawyer. When an employer takes these actions, it can be viewed as retaliatory against you and it is illegal.

• Even after you’ve left a job, old supervisors and business owners may still want to hurt you. This can be in the form of giving derogatory information when called by a potential employer, or not providing a reference at all.

Don’t be tricked into thinking that any of these behaviors are the norm or that you should just deal with it. If you are being mistreated by your employer, a Los Angeles retaliation attorney can help today.

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