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Wrongful Termination – Severance Package

Can I Sue For Wrongful Termination If I Signed A Severance Package?

Have you recently had changes in your employment and want to explore all of your options regarding your rights to sue your employer? Perhaps you have received a severance package and are concerned about being able to take any further action against your employer. No matter the reason, you need dedicated lawyers to advise you before moving forward with a lawsuit.

Severance Packages

A severance package is usually some form of payment and/or benefits given to the employee after they have lost their job. This helps them to continue to provide for themselves and their family as they look for new employment. In some states, severance is required, especially for employers that layoff a large number of people.

Release Forms

There are some employers that require the employee to sign a release if they accept a severance package. This means the employee gives up the right to sue the employer for anything related to the employment stated in the release. Prior to signing a release, a lawyer should be contacted by the employee to make sure they understand the agreement.

Can You Sue After Signing A Severance Agreement?

If the severance package didn’t include a release, you can continue with a lawsuit against your employer. However, if you signed a release, it can be more difficult. A Los Angeles termination severance package lawyer will likely advise you to use one of the following reasons to void the release:

  • Nothing was received in return for the release
  • The release was not signed voluntarily
  • The employee was unaware of what they were agreeing to

The employee was not informed of their rights under the ADEA (Age Discrimination in Employment Act). This act allows the employee to have more time to consider the release before it is final.

At Mann & Elias, our experienced employment lawyers in Los Angeles will assist you in facing your employer when you seek further legal action against them. We will walk you through the process and provide you with detailed information every step of the way. Contact us for a consultation and let us help you get the rights you deserve.


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