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What to Do If You Are Falsely Accused of Sexual Harassment


Make Sure That You Cooperate with the Company Investigation

Have you recently been accused of sexual harassment by a coworker? This is a charge that you need to take seriously. It could lead to you losing your job and even being blackballed from the industry that you currently work in.

Confess to What You May Have Done Wrong

You may never have touched the person who is accusing you of sexual harassment. However, you may have gestured toward them in a less than friendly manner – or in a manner that was open to misinterpretation. Likewise, you may never have made rude comments that reeked of a veiled sexual come on or threat. But your words may nevertheless have been misinterpreted.

The best thing you can do under the circumstances is to admit exactly what you may have done wrong. A team of sexual harassment lawyers will work with you to mitigate your words or actions so that you can prove they were simply taken wrongly by the person who is filing the suit against you.

Issue an Apology Even if You Believe You are Innocent

Sexual harassment lawyers always recommend that you make a full and complete apology. This is absolutely mandatory even if you believe that you did nothing wrong. The point here is to show that you understand that your words or actions were inappropriate. Making an apology is your way of saying that you understand you made a mistake and will absolutely never repeat this mistake again.

Contact a Los Angeles Employment Lawyer Near You

Your next move should always be to look for reputable and professional employment lawyers near you. You will need to hire a Los Angeles employment lawyer in order to plan your defense. You can quickly get in touch with the sexual harassment attorney Los Angeles residents rely on in their time of need.



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