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Steps to Take if You’re Facing Religious Discrimination

Have You Experienced Religious Discrimination at Work? Contact a Religious Discrimination Lawyer Los Angeles Today

Employers are prohibited from discriminating against their employees based on their religion. Employees are protected under federal law. That means employers cannot favor one group over another because of their religious beliefs; unfortunately, it still happens. The Los Angeles workplace lawyer of Mann & Elias has listed the steps to protect your rights if this type of situation occurs.

How to Recognize Religious Discrimination

When recognizing religious discrimination, there are two basic categories in these types of claims: differential treatment based on one’s religion and failing to accommodate an employee’s religious beliefs.

Differential Treatment Based on Religion

It is prohibited for an employer to make job decisions based on religion, even if you are not religious. For instance, it is illegal for an employer to pass over a Muslim person for a promotion or refuse to hire a Jewish person based on religious beliefs. Additionally, if someone does not have any religious beliefs and is Atheist or agnostic, they are also protected from religious discrimination. This law certainly works in all employees’ favor and allows them to believe in whatever they please without any hostility in the workplace. If an employer favors someone more based on their religion than someone else, this is also considered religious discrimination.

You must show your employment attorney in LA how you were treated differently based on your religion. To prove this kind of behavior, you must collect all circumstantial evidence that you have witnessed and experienced. For example, if an employer told someone that he could not work in sales because he wears a turban, that is undoubtedly unlawful.

Make sure that you document any occurrences and if you have any witnesses, then gather a statement from them as well. Whatever the case may be, just know that you are not alone, and there is help and legal justice out there for you.

If you believe that you are a victim of religious discrimination, you should certainly contact a religious discrimination lawyer as soon as possible. Our team will be able to handle every aspect of your case. It is imperative that you seek help as soon as possible to preserve any evidence related to your case. Our religious discrimination attorney will assess your case and give you the guidance you need, along with the steps that should be taken throughout your claim.

Failing to Accommodate an Employee’s Religious Beliefs/

When it comes to an employer failing to accommodate someone based on their religious beliefs, you should always directly voice your concern with the company. By speaking to your employer, you will have a better idea as to why it happened. Once you learn about the reasoning, this can play as really important evidence to support your claim. It is always good to take it up with the company first, and if their behavior still has not changed, you need to file a complaint with the human resources department. Doing this gives the company a chance to investigate what is going on and attempt to make things right with you. If they fail to do so, contact a religious discrimination lawyer who will explain your rights and fight on your behalf.

Contact a Religious Discrimination Attorney

At Mann & Elias, we have a large amount of experience helping those who were victims and handling religious discrimination in workplace cases. We know what it takes to bring justice and compensation to those in need and will not stop until our clients get what they deserve. No one, under any circumstances, should have to deal with such behavior.

Do not wait to contact a religious discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles to get the justice you deserve. The sooner that you seek help from an experienced and skilled attorney, the better the outcome of your case will be. We will handle your case from beginning to end and can ensure you that we are the team you need on your side. Feel free to get in contact with us any time to speak to a lawyer.


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