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Racial Discrimination Act


Due to the discrimination that has taken place against individuals in the workplace over the years, many types of legislation have been passed to protect job applicants as well as employees. One of these has been the Racial Discrimination Act of 2010, which states it is against the law to discriminate against employees, applicants, and job trainees because of their race. Since this also includes nationalities, ethnic or national origin, and skin color, the RDA has become yet another key piece of legislation aimed at helping increase fairness in the workplace. Unfortunately, no amount of legislation will entice discriminatory employers to play by the rules. If you believe you have been a victim of racial discrimination in the workplace, hold those responsible accountable for their actions by speaking with a Los Angeles workplace lawyer from Mann Elias at once.

Racial Discrimination

When discussing racial discrimination in terms of employment, there are four basic areas involved. These include direct and indirect discrimination, as well as victimization and harassment. While you may think it is easy to prove direct discrimination and the other areas, it can often be anything but that. To do so, you will need convincing evidence that often includes written communications such as emails and text messages, witness statements and testimony, and establishing a prior history of discrimination by an employer. Rather than discuss your concerns with lawyers who do not specialize in such cases, turn instead to Los Angeles racial discrimination lawyers at Mann Elias.

Direct and Indirect Discrimination

When claiming direct or indirect discrimination took place against you in the workplace, be prepared to state your case in very specific terms. While direct discrimination involves being treated less favorably due to your race or the race of others with whom you associate, indirect discrimination can be tougher to prove. In these situations, you must show a policy, procedure, or workplace rule affects people of a certain race, placing them at a disadvantage within the workplace. However, there may be circumstances where courts could rule indirect discrimination is justified, especially if it is clearly shown to help achieve various non-discriminatory goals. Since this can be a confusing and complex situation to untangle, always rely on racial profiling lawyers Los Angeles trusts with these situations at Mann Elias.


In regards to harassment as it relates to workplace discrimination in terms of race, this would involve using intimidation, ridicule, and other related tactics to create a work environment that is hostile and degrading to a person. This can include offensive jokes or pictures placed on bulletin boards or on a person’s desk, threats of violence against the individual, or perhaps being ridiculed on the job for supposedly not doing their work in a satisfactory manner. Whatever the case may be, this egregious behavior should never be allowed to continue. If you are being harassed on the job due to your race, meet with a work discrimination lawyer based on race from Mann Elias to discuss your situation.


This area of discrimination involves the unfair treatment of an employee and can take many forms on the job. Some of the most common include being bullied and harassed while at work, being demoted into a lesser-paying job, or even being fired. Due to the severity of such behavior within a workplace, it is essential you hold those responsible for such behavior accountable for their actions as quickly as possible. To do so, speak to attorneys at Mann Elias once you make the decision you do indeed need a lawyer after experiencing racism in the workplace.

Cultural Differences

In many discriminatory situations on the job, cultural differences play a major role in what takes place. This can involve religious beliefs, one’s physical appearance, language and other characteristics, or even various customs and values. Yet no matter the differences, an employer has no right to allow racism and discrimination of any nature to occur. If the discrimination is allowed to continue, it only gets worse and ultimately leads to an employee leaving their job. Rather than leave a job you love and let others drive you away from your career, consult with an employment attorney Los Angeles at Mann Elias to discuss your legal options.

Racial Stereotyping

One of the most common forms of discrimination, racial stereotyping involves others making assumptions that all members of a certain race have various characteristics. This can include making offensive jokes about certain types of foods, dress, accents, or even jokes of a sexual nature. Since this will of course make you very uncomfortable, it will be important to let your immediate supervisor or other management personnel be aware of this behavior at once. Since it may be your word versus that of others, do everything you can to gather evidence to support your complaints. Whether this is other employees who are willing to step forward on your behalf or perhaps you using your cellphone to record remarks directed at you, always turn over any evidence you gather to your Los Angeles racial discrimination lawyers at Mann Elias.

Making a Racial Discrimination Claim

When you make a claim of racial discrimination in the workplace, you may want to start out by speaking to racial profiling lawyers Los Angeles workers trust at Mann Elias. By doing so, you can get expert advice as to whether or not you have a legitimate case of discrimination. If it is determined you do, your work discrimination lawyer based on race from Mann Elias will likely suggest you try to solve the problem internally before pursuing litigation or other formal complaints with the EEOC.

Since you do have various racial discrimination laws on your side in these matters, never choose to sit back and let others turn your dream job into a nightmare. Instead, go on the offensive and do everything possible to hold your employer responsible for what is taking place. After deciding you need a lawyer after experiencing racism in the workplace, contact attorneys at Mann Elias for a consultation.



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