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Overtime Disputes: Are You Being Denied Overtime Pay?

Overtime Disputes: Are You Being Denied Overtime Pay?

Even more than discrimination and harassment disputes, overtime and wage disputes are on the rise. Overtime pay disputes arise to resolve issues relating to employees who work more than the required hours which is pegged at 8hrs daily or 40hrs weekly. Employment laws stipulate that employers are to pay their employees a half more than they pay. Issues surrounding overtime dispute can relate to the number of overtime hours, the rates paid and the expected rate, tax reporting, and overtime exemptions. Overtime pay disputes often relate to owing wages by the employer, or not paid as overtime. This could be a result of error or negligence.

Resolution of overtime disputes may involve discussion and clarification handled by an employment attorney in Los Angeles. There may be a need to carry out an agency investigation which can be as a result of a petition written by your lawyer. It could also assume the form of a mediation, negotiations, and ultimately a legal action in court depending on the outcome of other options. You can also utilize a class action suit if there are many employees of the same organization.

A legal action in court or even any of the other possible solutions to overtime pay disputes will need the services of an overtime dispute lawyer in Los Angeles. You will be guided and advised by us on the options and likely outcomes of a legal action.


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