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Different Ways That You Can Challenge A Non-Compete Agreement

Different Ways That You Can Challenge A Non-Compete Agreement

A non-compete agreement addresses several issues regarding employment. A non-compete agreement prohibits employees from going to work with a competitor for a specific period of time. The agreement may also ban former employees from trying to poach other employees.

Keep in mind that non-compete agreements are governed by state law. The state of California enforces non-compete agreements based on the circumstances involving the issue. That’s why you may need to speak with a legal professional. The courts weigh multiple factors before deciding if a contract is valid. Some of those factors include whether the employer is at risk of being harmed, the specified time period, the interest of the public, the potential of the public, and the potential impact of the written agreement on the employer’s ability to earn a living. However, there are different ways that allow a lawyer for agreement disputes in Los Angeles to challenge the validity of it on your behalf and keep the agreement from being enforced.

Dishonest Employer

If you and your Los Angeles employment lawyer can prove that your former employer engaged in dishonest behavior toward the customers, you have a good case to challenge a non-compete agreement because the employer will not want the fact that they engaged in illegal business acts to be made public.

You Haven’t Broken Any Terms

Get a copy of your contract from your previous employer. Read over the contract, as it’s possible that you did not violate any terms involving a non-compete agreement.

The Terms Are Too Strict

It’s possible that your employer’s limitations are too general. For example, if the company is only operating in one state, they can not stop from you pursuing work in another state. You should also be aware that a non-compete agreement cannot keep you from working in an entire industry. Consult with an attorney if you are concerned that the terms of your agreement are unreasonable.

You Signed The Agreement Under False Pretenses

Were there any promises made to you if you agreed to sign a non-compete agreement and then those promises were not met? That is one example of you signing a written contract under false pretenses. Make sure that any promises that were made to you verbally are put into writing. Written responses can be used as evidence if you pursue legal action.


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