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Gender Discrimination Overview

How a Sex Discrimination Attorney Los Angeles Can Protect Your Rights

Gender discrimination, also referred to as gender inequality, occurs when a person or group is not treated fairly due to their gender. For example, gender discrimination may occur when an individual is favored more and receiving higher pay, meanwhile, the person who is experiencing gender inequality is perforiming the same taks, yet receives less compensation.

Are Gender Discrimination and Sex Discrimination the Same?

Gender discrimination and sex discrimination are similiar, as “gender” and “sex” are used intterchangeably. However, the two terms do have different meanings. “Sex” is referred to an individual’s biological or anatomical identity, such as being female or male. Whereas “gender” is based on the characteristics of an individual, especially in reference to social and cultural differences versus biological or anatomical ones. When it comes to the legalities of the two, both are included under one category of discrimination law.

How Do I Know if I’m Being Discriminated Based on My Gender in the Workplace?

There are several instances in which gender discrimination can occur in the workplace, including: A group is earning higher pay, receiving more breaks, and receiving less punishment A group is facing harassment Termination of employment based on one’s gender A group is being favored by receiving better treatment in the workplace, such as better opportunities, equipment, tools, or location

How Do I Report Gender Discrimination in the Workplace?

In order for one to report gender discrimination in the workplace, one must find evidence from the following:
  • Victim testimony
  • Witness testimony
  • Human resources data
  • Written statements and documents
In addition, it is important to note that the evidence must show that the employer purposely discriminated against an individual based on his or her gender. Before you decide to report a claim for gender discrimination, it is highly advised that you contact a team of gender discrimination lawyers that can help you along the way. You should gather any and all relevant documents, communications, witness statements, pay stubs, and any other information that would support your claim.

Who is Protected from Gender Discrimination?

The CIvil Rights Act of 1963, the Equal Pay Act, and state and federal laws prohibit government and private entities from discriminating individuals based on their gender: Government and federal workers Employees working for entities with 15 or more employees

What is Sex Discrimination?

Although gender discrimination and sex discrimination can be easily confused, as they are both included under one category of the law, the most common examples between the two may differ. For example, some common examples of sex discrimination include: The hiring of a less-qualified male candidate over a qualified female candidate Women receiving less pay who are in the same role and seniority as a male employee An individual facing a hostile work environment

Family planning punishment

Suggesting sexual favors for advancement in one’s opportunities or career Although women are often affected by sex discrimination in the workplace, men are also protected under the Civil Rights Act and Equal Pay Act.

Contact a Gender Discrimination Attorney

If you’re a victim of gender discrimination or sex discrimination in the workplace, it is extremely important that you contact a team of qualified gender discrimination lawyers. No one, under any circumstances, deserves to face gender discrimination in the workplace, as it is unlawful and unfair. Gender and sex inequality in the workplace is extremely complex, which is why you will need an experienced gender discrimination attorney on your side. If you believe that you have been treated unfairly based on your gender or sex, then you may have a case. It is certainly in your best interest to contact a lawyer, as he or she will be able to thoroughly explain the next steps of your case. At Mann & Elias Law Firm, we are firm believers in justice for those who have faced gender or sex inequality. It is very important that you remember to save any and all evidence relative to the gender discrimination in the workplace that you may have faced. Evidence is key to a successful case. If you have any questions relating to your potential case, feel free to contact our firm at any time and we will be glad to help you get the justice you deserve.  


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