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Wrongfully Terminated for Disability


If you have been terminated from your job because of a disability that you have, then that is a serious violation of your rights as a worker. An employer is not supposed to let an employee go because of something like a disability. If you feel that someone has done this to you, you need to schedule an immediate appointment with a disability discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles to speak to a caring professional about assisting you. Our disability discrimination lawyer can fight with you to restore what’s rightfully yours.

Many employers have an at-will arrangement that they go by that prevents employees from having any type of job security. However, laws are in place that prevent such employers from firing employees who are in protected classes. Having a disability automatically places you in a protected class of people, and employers are not allowed to get rid of you if you belong to that class. Other protected classes are people of certain ethnic groups, religious backgrounds and ages. Our disability discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles work with these types of cases all the time, and they are available to help you with your situation.

How Disability Discrimination Lawyers In Los Angeles Can Help

A reliable disability discrimination lawyer can help you with your case by examining the facts surrounding your dismissal. If he can find tangible proof that your employer terminated you because you have a disability, your employer will have to answer for doing that. The employer may be subject to a variety of punishments up to and including fines, restoring your job to you, paying you a settlement and many other punishments. It’s important that you have all the evidence with you when you meet with the attorney so that he can put up the best fight possible for you and your case.

Contact A Lawyer Today

Don’t wait one more minute to get in touch with a Los Angeles employment discrimination lawyer. Call today and set up your consultation. You don’t have anything to lose by calling to schedule a quick meeting. In fact, you may have everything to gain. The prospective attorney will listen to your story and then let you know if he can help you. He may be able to help you collect a settlement that can give you back the money that you would have earned if you still had a job. Schedule your consultation with a Los Angeles employment discrimination lawyer today and get the help that you deserve.


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