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Sales Commission Disputes


Many people rely on certain forms of income to pay their bills. Business owners need to have their bills paid after selling something. A salesperson may be reliant on sales commissions to get paid and pay their own personal bills. These can be quite substantial. For example, if you sell a house, this can mean thousands of dollars in your pocket once the buyer takes possession of the home. At the same time, while most commissions are paid on time and according to the agreed upon terms, disputes about potential payment may arise occasionally. Problems such as unpaid commissions can make it hard for the sales people to survive financially. In that case, they may need to look to a highly skilled commission dispute attorney for help. Our lawyers offer many services. Working with us can help settle any kind of legal commission dispute in your favor and make sure you get paid the full amount you are owed under law.

If you have a problem getting the funds you’re owed, you’re not alone. There are many issues that can arise during this process. You can consult with a Los Angeles employment lawyer if you’ve been subject to certain issues. For example, you might have completed a sale within the established parameters agreed up by the company you work for. However, they are either failing to pay the full amount required or paying only part of it. You might also have issues in the workplace with others claiming credit for a sale you did. There may also be issues with the contract you signed. An employer may have told you, you were entitled to a certain percent of the profits only to disagree with that amount when you came to collect it. Legal professionals can help sort out all of these issues as well as explain what legal options you have at your place of employment if you wish to continue to work there. This is especially true if you have been unfairly fired in the aftermath of a commission dispute. Any unpaid commissions must be paid to you under law.

Your Legal Rights

It is imperative, as any Los Angeles lawyer for sales commission disputes will tell you, to keep in mind that commissions are legally binding documents. When you sign such a document, you should remember that the employer cannot simply tear it up and walk away. While these can be deeply technical issues that may have complicated responses, the law provides for a means of settling disputes in a satisfactory manner. Sales commissions are a form of wages. As such, they are governed by laws that govern wages. Like wages, they must be paid after a given time frame or the employer may be in legal trouble. This includes all the little details that go into the commissions. Like the number of hours anyone can work in a given week without being offered over time, the same applies to the details of the money you have earned as a result of selling things on a given work site.

Your Legal Remedies

If you are struggling with this issue, speaking with a qualified dispute attorney can clarify matters. Under law, you might be entitled to have the funds that were withheld paid immediately with interest. You are also entitled to have company officials sit down with you in a legal setting and explain what parts of the contract they believe you did not adhere to while you were under their employment. If you were terminated, you are also entitled to know why and if there is any possibility you might be hired again by the workplace.

An employer may have arbitrarily changed conditions required to earn the commission. For example, they may have decided only those who were willing to work holidays may qualify for payments. This is not allowed under the law. A company is also not allowed to suddenly, retroactively decide that only a certain percentage will pay out in the form of sales commissions. For example, if it was agreed that the sale of a house was to have resulted in a three percent commission on the sale price, the company cannot legally go back and decide that it will only pay out two percent instead.

It is also imperative to bear in mind that many types of sales are governed by local, national and state laws. These laws must be followed to the letter or the employer may face sanctions. The right legal help can sort out all these issues and offer the legal help the person is allowed under all local, state and national laws. In that case, it is also possible to have someone from the government investigate any company violations directly on your behalf.


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