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If I Quit, Do I Forfeit Bonuses Promised in Writing?

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In 2021, employees are quitting their jobs in record numbers across the U.S. With job openings reaching more than 9 million as the economy is recovering from the pandemic, companies are also scrambling to figure out what to do. There are a few things you should know about bonuses before you submit your two-week resignation letter to the boss. In this article, we demonstrate what could happen when the job ends, whether the company owes you, and how to retrieve unpaid wages with the help of a workplace attorney in Los Angeles.

What Is a Bonus?

Bonuses are forms of compensation that are not always guaranteed unless specified. It usually gets paid upon completion of an assignment, project, or service. Bonuses come in various forms, such as:

  • Annual bonuses – based on company performance over the year
  • Sign-On bonus – offered at the start of employment.
  • Performance-based bonus – distributed based on contributions to team or company goals
  • Spot bonus awards – given for achievements that deserve recognition. Compensation might be a gift card or smaller pay increases.
  • Retention Bonus – Designed to keep valuable talent to persuade workers to stay with the company, similar to a signing bonus
  • Referral Bonus – offered to employees that help onboard great talent.
  • Holiday Bonus – it is how it sounds – companies may give an extra boost during an expensive time of the year like Christmas or New Year’s.

Overall, a majority are discretionary – meaning not tied to a specific requirement, level of seniority, or performance. Many bonuses get enforced when employees are working at a job or company. With such a grey area on policies, and mandatory compensation, an attorney for bonus disagreements in LA, can help make sense of the laws in California.

First, Refer to Your Written Contract

You risk losing the bonus you were previously entitled to if you decide to leave a company or business. Though, there are a few exceptions to this rule. If your employment contract included a clause, or the handbook has a clear policy regarding bonuses after leaving the company, you have a chance to recover it. An employment attorney in Los Angeles would recommend you take a moment to discover how each stipulation applies and when the company is well within their rights to retain the bonus.

If you work for a company with a scheduled bonus period, you may want to wait until you receive the most recent, forthcoming payment. In this circumstance, employees get offered specific percentages or merit-based pay. Should you choose to leave your role, you would still be eligible. It may be sent to you via mail, along with a final check, or through direct deposit through the bank. The details outlined in a bonus plan document are available to most employees who obtained a level of seniority over the years. Both this and the employment contract should be at arm’s length as you prepare to leave.

Bonus Payouts: It Gets Complicated

Many employees do not walk away with a bonus once they have left the company in the U.S., especially without being on a fixed plan. Companies are adamant about offering payments that might impact their overall taxes under the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Regulations must get followed to limit complications with federal, state, and local laws. Your employers will consider the employment relationship carefully to avoid legal and ethical concerns. It might delay when bonuses get sent to employees that are no longer working there.

California differs from most states. Per Labor Code 201, you have a protected right to bonuses even if you get let go. It states, if the employer discharges an employee, the wages earned are due immediately. Though, if an employee quits, they are still entitled to all unpaid wages, including unpaid bonuses 72 hours of their final day. However, those who give their notice three days before their last day may not be issued one. If you feel your employer is trying to avoid payment, you may want to ask a lawyer if you need to sue for unpaid bonuses. Before threatening to take legal action, follow your counsel’s legal advice and approach your employer to discuss the issue. See if you can reach an agreement to recover lost funds. If not, we will help you obtain payment.

The Answer Is in The Details

An attorney for bonus disputes in LA will request your employment contract to review during the initial consultation. When you file a compensation claim, expect the opposing party to refer to it as well. Although California law states employees are well within their rights to receive a promised bonus, they will try to negate it in court.

You can entrust our law firm to assist with getting you the funds you deserve. Depending on the business, and the amount of your bonus, compensation can be thousands from the defendant. As you consider your next employment opportunity remember to review the contractual agreement with your employer to assess perplexing details before you sign and start working. It is the best way to avoid ruining an amenable relationship with your former employer and company.

What To Learn More About Employment Bonuses? Give Us a Call at Mann & Elias

The Law Offices of Mann & Elias is an employment law firm that provides guidance and legal support for individuals facing issues in the workplace. We represent clients at every level of the state and federal court systems in lawsuits regarding discrimination, wrongful termination, unpaid wages, and more. When your case is in our hands, we hope to minimize stress and concerns associated with work.

Workplace disputes and negotiations can be complicated and uncomfortable between an employee and employer. In many cases, an employer can retaliate, causing individuals to feel disadvantaged in the company. When you retain one of our lawyers, you will be well-protected and advised. While there are thousands of lawyers to choose from, we believe our success rooted in:

  • 50+ years of trial experience
  • Excellent advocacy skills
  • Intense preparation and research
  • Quality care

Since our partnership began over 20 years ago, we have settled hundreds of claims, completed 100 jury and bench trials, and recovered more than $18 million in settlements. In the end, our goal is to understand what you need and achieve the best outcome for you by focusing on those needs. For dedicated representation with no upfront fees, give us a call at 323-866-9564 or email info@mannelias.com.



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