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Signs of Age Discrimination in the Workplace


In the seventies and eighties it was quite common to fire someone right before they retired with a company. The practice was popular because it meant that these companies did not have to pay out on pensions that would come due when older employees retired and requested their pension funds. As crooked as it sounds, it was actually legal because there wasn’t enough precedence to prevent companies from firing older workers and hiring new, younger employees.

There is also a “reverse” discrimination scenario where only older workers are hired when younger workers could easily do the same work. It is less common, but it does happen. If you think that you have been a victim of age discrimination in the workplace in Los Angeles, CA, there are some signs to help you determine that with certainty.

LA, the Town That Can Be Unforgiving About Age

Los Angeles is where so many of the beautiful people live. This is where the stars get their plastic surgery to stay looking young indefinitely and where it’s hard to tell how old anyone is. However, if you do not have the kind of money needed to buy eternal youth, your age may show. While there is definitely nothing wrong with that, it has become an issue in terms of age discrimination cases.

Just to give you an idea of how “alive and well” age discrimination cases are, filing lawsuits for these cases doubled between 1990 and 2017, after laws were written into effect against such practices. In an age where there are clear cut laws about this sort of discrimination, the cases should not have doubled. If anything, they should have cut in half.

Signs of Discrimination

Did you hit 40 or older on your last birthday and suddenly find yourself out of a job? Maybe your work environment has dozens of twenty-somethings working in it and very few “old-timers”? Have you been disciplined harsher for the exact same things as younger co-workers? Maybe you just hear a lot of nasty remarks and jokes or insults about older people when you are around others? If any of this sounds familiar, you may be the victim of age discrimination.

If you often feel as though your employer has placed a target on your back and is about to fire you for the smallest infraction, you might be right. The older you are, the more likely these types of employers will be targeting older workers and trying to fire them “legally” so that they don’t get sued. The problem with that logic is that there are patterns in their behaviors that easily reflect that they regularly do this to all of their older employees. If your employment attorney in Los Angeles can spot the patterns, you may have a good case for age discrimination.

Refusing to Hire You Even Though You Are a Strong Candidate

Another sign that most workplace age discrimination attorneys say that is a dead giveaway is when you are a very strong candidate on paper for the job, but then they become dismissive in the interview because of your age. Job applications can no longer ask your age or date of birth for this reason. The interviewers cannot ask your age either, and if they do, you do not have to answer that question. If they refuse to finish the interview and/or consider you for the job, that is age discrimination. The age discrimination lawyers Los Angeles victims hire have certainly seen their share of this type of unprofessional and unethical behavior, but no one has to stand for it.

If you are over 40, this type of behavior is sadly quite common. It is even more common when interviewers are younger people interviewing candidates over 40. Even when the interviewer and the applicant are close in age, this practice can still occur.

Wrapping Your Head Around Age-Related Jokes as a Form of Discrimination

There is always someone kidding around about this or that type of person. While such things are best left unsaid at work, there is always someone who will say such things out loud at work anyway. Trying to understand why this sort of joke or commentary falls under age discrimination requires attorneys for the workplace make a comparison to another form of illegal business practice; harassment. If you would not sexually harass a coworker, why harass him or her about his/her age? Making someone feel inferior for a laugh is never right or legal, regardless of what you are making fun of. Ergo, age-related comments and jokes are discrimination.

Reverse Ageism

There are companies that refuse to hire younger workers. They find that high school and college kids lack professionalism, don’t bother to learn about the company, and rarely dress appropriately for an interview and work. As such, they hire only the bare minimum or less of young adults and adolescents to work for them. When this happens often, it is a form of age discrimination frequently referred to as “reverse” ageism because of the youth/age of these workers. If you are young and have been turned down from a job and see a lot of older people working for a company, you may also need an age discrimination law firm on your side.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Age Discrimination in Los Angeles

Right about now, you are wondering “Do I need a lawyer for workplace discrimination?” The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Companies will not stop these illegal practices until people stand up for themselves and fight back. If you don’t hire a lawyer to fight for your job and what is happening or has happened to you, then the employer will continue doing these same things to other employees or potential employees for decades to come. When they are left unchecked legally, the problem only continues and becomes worse. Hire an attorney today.


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