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Hiring Older Workers Case


In today’s modern workplace, much of the talk regarding discrimination is related to race, gender, or cultural issues. However, one that is rarely discussed but is perhaps the most prevalent discrimination of all is age discrimination. In fact, according to a survey by AARP, nearly 70 percent of people ages 45-74 stated they have experienced age discrimination in the workplace. Unfortunately for these and other older workers, due to societal thinking that people age 65 or over should automatically retire from the workplace, the vast majority of companies tend to believe that older workers are unable to adapt to changes in the workplace and are less capable than their younger counterparts.

Why Retire at 65?

As stated earlier, there is essentially an entire industry dedicated to convincing older workers that they should retire once they reach age 65. As a result, companies use this to their advantage in an effort to force out older workers and hire younger replacements, often at salaries far lower than what they were paying older, more experienced workers. Due to companies wanting to save money rather than value the experience of older workers, age discrimination can often run rampant within a company. Should you find yourself the victim of age discrimination in the workplace, contact our Los Angeles age discrimination law firm Mann & Elias.

The Value of Experience

In study after study, research shows older workers benefit companies in various ways. One of the most compelling comes from studies showing workers over age 40 are three times more likely to be collaborative, patient, and willing to put their egos aside than younger workers, who are often focused on a need to prove themselves in order to move up the career ladder. Due to these conflicting traits, younger workers who find themselves in positions of management often decline to hire older workers for fear of being replaced. If you believe age discrimination of this nature took place when you applied for a job for which you were well-qualified, do not hesitate to contact our Los Angeles workplace lawyer at Mann Elias.

The Myth of Mental Decline

For many companies that do everything possible to avoid hiring older workers, one of their biggest reasons for doing so is the supposed mental decline people have as they age into their 60’s or beyond. However, studies have shown that older people who stay employed in meaningful positions lose little if any mental prowess when compared to younger workers. While scientific evidence points to mental declines beginning in all people once they pass age 30, these same studies also show that knowledge and expertise can continue to increase well past age 80. As a result, older workers can use this thirst for knowledge and their intellectual curiosity to adapt to workplace changes, such as technology, far better than many companies expect. If a situation arises where you believe you were relieved of your duties due to your age, don’t sit back and do nothing. Instead, contact a discrimination attorney Los Angeles residents know will fight for them, such as one from Mann & Elias.

Teaching Job Recruiters to Not Discriminate

As the U.S. economy continues to grow, more and more companies are having a difficult time finding enough workers to fill open positions. While you would assume this would lead to many more opportunities for older workers, you would be mistaken. Despite the need for workers, many job recruiters at companies large and small continue to have biases against older workers. In many situations, recruiters will use a variety of tactics to discourage older applicants, or will simply use their biases to decline hiring older individuals. While this can work for some companies over a period of time, eventually they will be found out. Thus, should you discover you were not considered for a position with a company for non-specific reasons, this is an illegal employment practice. Rather than simply walk away, choose to hold the employer accountable for their actions by speaking with our age discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles at Mann Elias.

Age-Diverse Teams

For companies that do learn to value the experience and wisdom of older workers, age-diverse teams are the norm. In numerous studies of workplaces that used this approach in hiring, findings showed innovation and productivity soared. This was due in large part to companies putting older workers in positions of mentoring, allowing them to use their wisdom and life experience to guide younger workers when necessary.

Should you experience age discrimination in the workplace, never forget you can contact a Los Angeles employment lawyer to discuss your case in greater detail. To do so, contact our attorneys at Mann & Elias. By taking this initial step, you will find yourself consulting with our age discrimination attorney Los Angeles seniors know will defend their rights each step of the way.


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