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Is Chronic Pain Worth an Accommodation at Work?

Over 50 million people suffer from chronic pain. When you depend on work for a steady income, that chronic pain can become debilitating and affect your performance. If you live in Los Angeles, you might be able to request an accommodation to make work more manageable, depending on where you’re employed.

Pain can be onset from chronic illness or injury. Suppose you’re having trouble carrying out the most basic tasks and feel that an accommodation can reduce the intensity of your pain. In that case, it’s worth having a conversation with your employer without fear of retaliation. Addressing your concerns might not be an easy task. However, our employment attorney would assure you that the following accommodations are possible under the American with Disabilities Act:

  • Request a handicap parking permit
  • Request to telecommute or remote work opportunities
  • Ask for a more flexible work schedule that’s easier for you to manage chronic pain
  • Suggest a change in responsibilities for less physical exertion or activity
  • Call for additional breaks to limit long hours of standing or sitting on the job
  • Request for new desk accommodations or seating

A disability discrimination attorney would tell you to be mindful of your rights under ADA. Your employer is legally required to consider your request for accommodation. If it complies with federal or California disability requirements, you should have no issues getting it fulfilled. If your employer fails to address your concerns, it’s best to consult with a disability attorney to discuss the best course of action. At Mann & Elias we can investigate and help you file an official complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Only then can we move forward with a lawsuit down the road if needed.

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