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Employee right practice in Irvine CA

Your job is your main source of income and thus the need to secure it. You certainly deserve a safe working environment where your rights and interests are protected. Mistreatment in the workplace and unlawful loss of job can have devastating effect on a person financially and emotionally.

Fortunately, at Law Offices of Mann & Elias, defending employees’ rights when they suffer injustices in the workplace is our main focus. We provide reliable legal services to workers in Irvine, Ca when the employers mistreat them or violate the federal or California labor laws. We have what it takes to fight against unlawful practices in the workplace and pursue viable remedies.

Competent and effective representation of employees.

The employment attorneys at Law Offices of Mann & Elias are highly skilled and experienced in addressing wide range of employment issues. We endeavor to offer quality employment law services to employees in Irvine, Ca by ensuring the employers treat them in accordance with the employment laws. Typically, our law firm is dedicated to offering legal representation and assistance to help individuals pursue justice when they are subjected to mistreatment, discrimination, harassment, unlawful practices or when they are unlawfully fired.

However, we often evaluate the specifics of each case and only take up on cases in which our lawyers believe the clients’ rights have been violated. We assure our clients that when we accept their cases, we commit our time and resources to attain the best outcomes depending on their situation. Our law firm has gained reputation for litigating against employers from diverse types of companies and varied sizes from small entities to large corporates in Irvine and beyond.

What type of employment cases do we handle?

Law Offices of Mann & Elias can help address broad range of employment disputes including but not restricted to the following:

Unlawful termination: This arises when the employers fires, terminates a contract or forces the employee to quit unfairly or for wrong reasons. Such instances violate the harassment laws, anti-discrimination laws, anti-relation laws or employment agreements.

Sexual harassment: Unwanted sexual advances are unlawful and often take many forms that include sexual text messages/emails or making sexual comments, jokes or slurs witnessed or directed to an employee.

Discrimination in the workplace: The federal and California employment laws protect employees from discrimination on the basis of race, gender, age, marital status, religion, sexual orientation or pregnancy. Law Offices of Mann & Elias offers excellent services to employees facing employment discrimination in Irvine.

Working hours or wage violations: The disputes revolves around failure to pay legally earned wages, failure to pay for total number of hours worked, miscalculation of wages and misclassification of staffs as exempt or independent contractors.

Fraud or breach of contract: this involves violation of the terms of engagement by the employer or at least convincing employee to undertake a task or employment opportunity by making false representation.

Whistleblower: if you face retaliation for reporting an unlawful act to the government or relevant authority, you should visit our firm in Irvine CA for legal assistance.

Personalized legal service.

Every employment dispute is unique and hence the need to adapt and seek the most viable solution to the matter. In respect to this, we accord personalized attention to individual cases and come up with strategies that maximize the outcome of each case.

Our skilled and experienced lawyers work with every client every step of resolving the claim. Since litigation is often seems difficult and time-consuming for most clients, we are committed to resolving employment disputes in the shortest time possible especially when clients desire quick remedy. Nevertheless, fi trial or litigation is ideal; proceed with the case aggressively to attain the best results for our clients.

Contact us for consultation.

If you live or work in Irvine and feel that your employer violated your rights or subjected you to unlawful acts, you should contact us for consultation and we will be glad to serve you.

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