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Healing from Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

If you’re facing sexual harassment in the workplace, it’s critical that you seek an advocate as soon as possible. For those who don’t feel that they can go to HR, it’s a good plan to make an appointment with a Los Angeles workplace lawyer. Sexual harassment can have a negative impact on your mental health, your physical well-being and your self-esteem. Additionally, it can badly damage your ability to make money and build seniority in your industry.

Physical Damage
Sexual harassment will likely ramp up your anxiety level, which can lead to high blood pressure and sleep disorders. Working with a sexual harassment lawyer Los Angeles can reduce your worries and give you support while you deal with the work-related challenges of facing sexual harassment. Whatever happens, you deserve good health and will need your strength to move forward.

Emotional Trauma
The definition of sexual harassment is fairly clear in the statutes, but each case brings a new facet to the fight. Even if you’re not being pressured for sexual favors, you may still face intimidation or offensive comments based on your sex or gender expression. You have a job to do and the right to do it without abuse. A conversation with a Los Angeles work harassment attorney can help you define the harassment you’re facing and determine your path forward.

Financial Damage
You can suffer significant financial damage from unaddressed sexual harassment. You may ask for a transfer that cuts into your pay rate or feel you need to leave the job and give up seniority and benefits. Before you make any big employment changes, be aware that your employer owes you protections from your co-workers and clients. Seek out a conversation with a Los Angeles workplace lawyer before you look for other employment.

What to Expect
When you’re ready to discuss your situation with a sexual assault lawyer in the workplace, be aware that the conversation may be difficult. The anxiety of sexual harassment and workplace assault can make communication about your experience challenging. Your Los Angeles work harassment attorney may be able to help you seek compensatory damages or reinstatement, so keep fighting.

The healing path after sexual harassment or assault can be treacherous. Victim-blaming is a brutal practice that seems central to our power structure. Seek private counseling and therapy rather than an organization connected to your workplace. Your sexual harassment lawyer Los Angeles may be able to recommend someone with workplace harassment expertise. Give yourself time.

Final Thoughts
When you’re ready to talk to an expert, a sexual harassment or sexual assault lawyer in the workplace can be found on the Martindale database. Be ready to share the losses you’ve experienced as a survivor of sexual harassment. Use your advocate to help you heal.

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