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He Claimed He Was Fired For Reporting Company’s Covid-19 Violations: U.S. Judge Just Dismissed His Lawsuit

The coronavirus pandemic has left many people jobless. Some businesses decided to lay off employees due to the decrease in business. Other employees lost their jobs in a non-justifiable manner. Many people in such a situation are wondering how to go about it. You can get a Los Angeles workplace lawyer to help file a lawsuit.

If you believe that the company you work for has no valid reasons to fire you, then you can get justice. It would be best to note that not all cases have a successful verdict. Some employees get a dismissed lawsuit. Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyers have the skills to handle such cases.

Dennis Warner Case

Dennis Warner lost his job in an “unjustified manner”. He claimed that the Pennsylvania firm did not have a valid reason to fire him. He stayed at home when he was experiencing some Covid-19 symptoms. Warner asked for permission to stay at home.

In his case, he also complained about how the firm did not follow guidelines set to prevent the spread of the virus. After testing negative for Covid-19, Warner went back to work. The firm staff removed him from the work premises without any explanations.

Warner’s Lawsuit

Warner filed a wrongful termination lawsuit to challenge the firm’s decision to fire him. His lawsuit was not successful because there was no proof that the company’s action was illegal.

Lawyers that handle wrongful termination in Los Angeles might have helped him. The lawyers would have guided him throughout the case and gotten a different verdict. Unjust termination at work lawyer Los Angeles will help you win a lawsuit. Many employees file a lawsuit without having evidence to show that their claims are true.

Warner’s case is a representation of how some employees lose their jobs in an unjustified manner. If you are one of the victims facing a similar issue, it will be best to contact unfair firing lawyers in Los Angeles.

How Lawyers That Handle Wrongful Termination in Los Angeles Will Help

Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyers conduct research to help in winning your case. They have experience in handling employment-related cases.

A Los Angeles workplace lawyer will help you get compensation from your former workplace. They treat clients well, and in case of any questions, they will answer you.

Reliable Lawyers

You can use unfair firing lawyers Los Angeles to help your case take a different turn. You don’t have to get a similar verdict as Warner. The judge did not find his case valid. He did not do enough research on the different state and federal employment laws.

Warner’s case required an unjust termination at work lawyer Los Angeles. They would have helped him build a solid case against the firm. The judge sympathized with Warner, but the case had no substantial evidence. He did not get the justice he deserved for losing his job for no major reason.

You should check out the Law Offices of Mann and Elias. They have vast experience in handling cases relating to employment issues.

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