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Gender Discrimination at Work is Against the Law

Discrimination at the workplace can assume different forms. The illegality of gender discrimination occurs with any action that negates the terms and condition of employment. It can be in form of sexual stereotype, unwelcomed advances and/or offensive remarks against your sexual orientation. In the process of hiring, firing, job description, promotion, pay and gender identity, gender discrimination may occur. However, according to Title VII of the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 forbids every form of sexual discrimination in the workplace.

This law is binding on not only the Federal and State governments but also private employers, employment agencies, labor organization and every other labor-related establishments. The law also extends to the area of retaliation against reporting of gender and sexual discrimination. Your employer has no right to fire, demote or reduce your pay as a result of your filing or reporting gender discrimination.

When gender discrimination occurs at your workplace, you will need to consider a wide range of options. This will be made easier with the expertise of an employment attorney who can help file a gender discrimination suit against your employer, individual or organization involved. Whenever you feel you have been discriminated against, take the following steps:

  1. Write down the incident while still fresh in your memory
  2. Immediately report the incident to your employer or human resources department.
  3. You need to keep a paper trail, as this will serve as evidence. Therefore, do not report orally but verbally.
  4. Involve your union as they can help or serve as witness
  5. You will also need to file discrimination charges against your employer with a government agency.

However, this could be daunting and challenging, you will need the expert advice of an employment lawyer who will help in seeking justice.

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