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EEOC Warns Against Age Discrimination And Other Employment Concerns For Back To Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot about the way business is being handled and is affecting employees in many different ways. From protecting elderly workers to formulating digital work environments, business managers have a lot of new challenges they’re facing. Understanding the new concerns brought up by the EEOC can help your business better adapt and stay legal throughout this pandemic period.

We’ve all been told that those in their older years are more susceptible to contracting life-threatening issues when getting the virus. For this reason, some employers are trying to restrict older workers from returning to work out of good faith protection. However, any employment attorney Los Angeles will tell you that this can be construed as workplace discrimination and can land your business is lots of legal trouble.

Age Discrimination Is On The Rise
Age discrimination lawyers Los Angeles have taken note of a stark increase in age-related discrimination during the pandemic. The EEOC or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has also taken notice and passed new updates to inform employers. In this update, it states that those over the age of 65 are experiencing more workplace discrimination due to their high risk in regards to the coronavirus. They remind employers that the Age Discrimination in Employment Act protects those 40 and over from these discrimination tactics, regardless of the reason for it.

Age discrimination attorneys for the workplace are suggesting that businesses use flexibility when it comes to older workers. Whether it be offering to work from home or different working hours, these practices can help to protect the employee’s health while keeping you in good legal standing. Also, keep in mind that employees who have pre-existing health conditions are entitled to reasonable accommodation in regards to pandemic issues. It’s not discrimination when an employee over the age of 65 asks for accommodations due to a pre-existing health condition. Age discrimination attorneys for the workplace can assist you in determining just what is considered reasonable.

Do I Need A Lawyer For Age Discrimination In Los Angeles?
When businesses start to get these updates from the EEOC it brings up a lot of questions regarding legal operations at their business. This can bring up the questions of ” do I need a lawyer for age discrimination in Los Angeles? ” The truth is that it’s always a good idea to have a lawyer available to answer all of your legal questions. This holds especially true in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. They can help to work with you to ensure that you don’t break any legal laws regarding age discrimination in the workplace.

Be Mindful Of Harassment
While it may be easier to control workplace discrimination like harassment when everyone is in the same physical location, your business is going to have to adapt to new changes. Harassment is becoming more common among electronic communication tools like email, video platforms, and chatting platforms. Your Los Angeles workplace lawyer will tell you that it’s best to mitigate any forms of harassment early on. With a more casual work environment, it’s noted by many age discrimination lawyers Los Angeles that employees are more freely harassing others. You should remind employees that this is harassment whether they’re physically at your office or working from home.

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