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Exposure of COVID-19 in the Workplace

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COVID-19 has become a new world pandemic that some businesses have been slow to adapt. Once the dangers of this condition were exposed to the general public, businesses were urged to take the risks seriously. This meant implementing workplace changes to ensure the safety of staff members who come into contact with the general public.

Proving That Neglect Occurred

Any Los Angeles workplace lawyer can tell you that pinpointing the source of your COVID-19 infection can be difficult for some people. Part of filing a claim is having a person or entity that was neglectful of your safety. If you work in a place where there is a higher risk for direct contact opportunities, then it’s likely that you have valid grounds for a case against your employer.

Common Unhealthy Scenarios

Due to the effects of coronavirus on the community, many people and businesses are working through unsafe environments. While it can be a bit difficult to stay abreast of the new health standards, it’s a must for every employee’s safety. Here are some of the most common scenarios that a Los Angeles unemployment lawyer tends to see regularly in regards to working with COVID-19:

  • Shortages of safety equipment/gear
  • Unclear training on gear usage
  • Not alerting others when an infection occurs with a staff member/client
  • Overworked employees have lower immunity
  • Employers staying open to avoid claims but not implementing proper safety measures

By reading through this short list of scenarios, it can be very clear to see why exposure risks are higher at work. Between businesses trying to stay afloat in these difficult financial times and overworked employees not being supplied with the right safety equipment, it’s setting everyone up for contraction of this virus. At the end of the day, the staff member’s safety is the top priority over the business operation.

Understanding High Risk Workplaces

There are certain career fields that put you at a higher risk for developing the virus than other people. These tend to be the fields where most face to face human contact is made. Let’s take a look at the industries that are at the highest risk for contracting the condition.

Medical Workers
Facilities like hospitals, healthcare, and testing centers that are coming into contact with infected individuals on a daily basis are more at risk. They’re responsible for diagnosing, treating, and handling patients with COVID-19. Also in the healthcare category, we have nursing homes, psychiatric centers, and assisted living facilities. These areas tend to provide more risk for accidental exposure.

Food Sector
Restaurants and grocery stores are at a higher than normal risk for the virus. This is due to the large customer base that they serve. Accidental exposure can be high in this sector as healthy individuals who have the virus may pass it to others before they’re tested.

Public Servants
When it comes to face-to-face contact, public servants tend to endure the most of it. These are your police officers, security, and transit drivers. In this sector of industry, it’s virtually impossible to avoid public contact.

How a Positive Test Can Affect Your Life

Many people are familiar with the fact that COVID-19 can affect your health in many ways. It comes along with symptoms of high fever, shortness of breath, gastrointestinal problems, and more. Apart from this, extreme cases can require hospitalization and can create traumatic pain and anxiety.

When you test positive, it’s mandatory that you quarantine at home. This can cost you your income and your job, in some cases. You can feel the effects months down the road when you have difficulty making up your financial losses and getting yourself back to a good state of health.

Why Should You Hire an Attorney?

When you’re dealing with the effects of COVID-19, it can wreak havoc on your mental capacity. While you know that you were wrongfully terminated or got the virus from your workplace, you don’t have the energy or mental strength to fight for your rights. This is when a wrongful termination attorney Los Angeles comes into help. They will provide the knowledge to fight your case for you.

Any employment attorney in Los Angeles will fight for your rights to hold your employer accountable for the infection. They will ensure that you receive the necessary compensation for your condition as well. This will include damages for:

  • Medical bills, transportation, prescription medication
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages

Anyone that was fired for refusing to work because of Coronavirus can seek compensation from their employer. Your lawyer will do their best to keep your claim on the right track. They’ll gather evidence and ensure that your claim is being filed within the statute of limitations.


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