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Can Employers Withhold Bonuses From Staff?

Getting a bonus at work is always great, especially when you’re in need of extra money. Though it may be assumed that a bonus will always be given, that is not true for every staff member. While a bonus has to be given if an employer has promised to do so, there are instances where an employee may not be entitled to receiving one. The law pertaining to how a bonus should be handled can be complex, so a Los Angeles employment lawyer should be contacted. They can explain how a bonus is typically handled according to the law, and what should be done if you feel you have wrongly had your bonus withheld. Los Angeles bonus disputes lawyers can look into your case to determine if your employer had the right to withhold your bonus.

The law is specific in stating when a bonus is required to be distributed. If the bonus is listed in the employment contract, and the employee has abided by the language that says what has to be done to receive it, then the employee is entitled to the bonus. Generally, this is how the process goes, but there are other instances that aren’t as straightforward. Bonus dispute lawyers specialize in these situations and know what next steps to take. Los Angeles bonus disputes lawyers will factor in a termination, resignation, or layoff when determining how to proceed with your case. It is typical for these extra funds to be given once a certain amount of work is performed, so bonus dispute lawyers will check for documentation to prove that you have completed the necessary work. It can be difficult for an employee to approach an employer about this, so it is best to have a Los Angeles employment lawyer on your side.

If you are currently having issues with getting a bonus from your employer, it is best to get legal guidance from bonus dispute attorneys Los Angeles. They can help give you peace of mind by explaining if your employer has the right to withhold your bonus or not. Bonus dispute attorneys Los Angeles can also represent you if your employer is at fault. Contact our office for more information on this matter.

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