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Were You Not Given The Bonus You Were Promised? Our Employment Attorneys for Bonus Disputes Can Help

For those in the securities industry (or other similar industries), most work on a base salary plus bonuses. In many cases, the bonus compensation can actually account for the bulk of a person’s wages. While the details concerning bonuses and commissions vary depending on the employer, you are afforded legal rights regarding the payments you are owed. Have you recently been denied bonuses entitled to you? Whether the dispute is the result of a layoff, termination, or other circumstance, you have legal rights to recover money owed to you in the state of California. Learn what an employee can do if their employer withholds their bonus.


A bonus dispute often arises in the aftermath of a termination or layoff. In these cases, employers will sometimes fail to pay out bonus compensation owed to the employee, or dramatically reduce the compensation owed as a part of the separation or severance package. When this happens, the employee has the right to confront the employer and take legal action if the compensation is not paid in full. Common disputes include issues similar to the following:

  • What happens if an employee closes a sale, but the customer never actually pays for the product or service?
  • What actions must an employee complete to be considered the originator of a sale?
  • What if the bonus formula is based on meeting an annual target, but the formula is restructured at some point during the year?


As you can see, bonus disputes arise from a number of different issues or disputes. Because each individual case is complicated and unique, you need a lawyer with experience. When searching for a qualified attorney, look for someone who has prior experience with bonus dispute litigation and understands the intricacies involved in employment law. Under California state law, the first step is to examine the terms of the parties’ contract. An enforceable bonus contract is usually explicitly spelled out in a company’s written policies, so the dispute is in the interpretation. An attorney can help you determine what your rights are regarding these rules and policies.


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