Anil, Author at Mann Elias 
February 21, 2022

Top 8 Examples of Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace

Your pregnancy is one of life’s milestones that’s supposed to be a highlight in your life. An employer’s gender-based discrimination, especially during as special of a […]
February 15, 2022

Effects of Gender Discrimination on Health

Are you a victim of gender discrimination or, do you know someone who is and need some help? We urge that you come and share your […]
February 7, 2022

What is an Equal Opportunity Employer?

When you see the phrase “equal opportunity employer” or “EOE” employer, it is important to know what the words mean. A lot of small-business owners fail […]
January 29, 2022

Can You Fire Someone for Hate Speech on Social Media?

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Meredith Marks is holding costar Jennie Nguyen accountable for racially insensitive social media posts. Whether you’re a fan of […]
January 20, 2022

California Garment Workers End Wage Theft

Los Angeles has one of the biggest garment industries in the United States. At a time where fast fashion is at its highest, many people have […]
January 19, 2022

Is Chronic Pain Worth an Accommodation at Work?

Over 50 million people suffer from chronic pain. When you depend on work for a steady income, that chronic pain can become debilitating and affect your […]
January 11, 2022

Intermittent Leave: What Does It Mean Under FMLA?

Now more than ever it’s hard to predict when you’ll fall ill or be in a position where you can’t go to work. While we hope […]
December 23, 2021

Louisiana Supreme Court Disqualified for Racist Slurs

The disqualification of Judge Michelle Odinet serves as a reminder of the consequences one can face from engaging in discriminatory behavior. According to CBS News, Odinet […]
December 17, 2021

Do You Know the Two Types of Sexual Harassment in The Workplace?

Sexual harassment has and continues to be a concern across companies in the U.S. Though there might be anti-harassment policies in place, that doesn’t mean a […]
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